When Were Horoscopes Invented, And Why?


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When were horoscopes invented?

If you are looking for the date of the invention of horoscopes, there is no clear answer for this question. Horoscopes are very old. Even in the era of B.C, there is evidence of the presence of horoscopes.

However, there is one misconception regarding horoscopes that I would like to clear up. Usually we think that the signs of the zodiac are the only way to read a horoscope - which is incorrect. The zodiac is only one branch of six categories within horoscope reading.

  • Six branches of horoscopes:
  • Native Angles
  • The zodiac
  • Astronomical framework
  • Houses
  • Aspects
  • You can ask an astronomy expert for the details about these horoscopes.

Horoscopes are a complete subject, and can also be considered as an art. They were widely used in the past, but still have some uses in the modern world.

The ancient Greeks borrowed Babylonian astronomy charts and, using these, they created the zodiac signs and invented astrology as we know it today.
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Who created the horoscopes and when were they invented?

To know when they where created is easy. I'll let some one else do the hard work though but here is how to find out.

  • Believe it or not, the signs are based on which constellation is behind the sun at the time of your birth.
  • The dates most (incorrect) Horoscopes give are based on the original celestial sky as it was over a thousand years ago.
  • So, if you rewind the sky until it matches, then you've got it, but there is one hiccup, Scorpio has lost its pincers!
  • Libra was not part of the original constellation, but a wealthy person wanted his name to be added to the calendar so they gave him the sign of Libra.
It's best just to know, You are not really the sign they tell you. Well, at least, not if you are near the beginning to the middle of a sign. As for me (October 7), I am not a Libra, I am a Virgo.

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