Are Horoscopes For Real?


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No horoscopes are not real. They are people's opinions based on what they think or something that they have dreamed. You shouldn't base your life on anything that a human has tried to predict.

First of all, it is not a right given to them through the power of God and he has not confirmed it then it most likely is wrong for you and your friends. Only visions given and confirmed by God are real. Even though what you read might be close to your life at that time it is only a hoax and will be wrong for you and your friends or family.

Simply turn to your bible and pastor to find the answers you are looking for. And most of all ask God to show you the answers through prayer. All these people that are claiming to have all these powers are really worshipers of the devil and are heading down a dark and lonely road that just leads to hell. Don't follow them please this will just lead you to tragedy and pain in your life.

Instead turn to God and let him show you the path to righteousness. He will help you through anything and everything. He is waiting patiently for you - all you have to do is pray and ask God for forgiveness of your sins and come to live in you heart as your lord and savior. Then ask him to help you find a good church home that is right for you. They are not all one size fits all. Each person has a calling that they are to fill and a specific church to fill in at, let God show you the one for you. I will be praying for you and your friends and family. God bless you and keep you safe from all harm.
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Horoscopes - truth or fiction?

Whether you are superstitious or skeptical, horoscopes are as popular as they have ever been. But quite rightly, many people ask the question, are horoscopes real or a load of rubbish?

  • Many astrologers practice what they feel is a verifiable science, which consistently produces results. If the practice is in fact measurable, however, then it should produce similar results every time it's used.
  • Other people believe that astrology is not a scientifically-tested subject because it has to do with things that are beyond the scope of the measurable - beyond the scope of science. They believe that astrology is a spiritual or religious activity which of course makes it more difficult to test scientifically.
  • Scientists have put horoscopes to the test, but most of the results show that they are random at best and way off at worst. Some people believe that this does not make astrology worthless, and argue that whether you believe in it or not doesn't make it true or false. One thing is for sure though, and that is that marriage and divorce rates do not correspond to compatibility between astrological signs.
  • Many people believe that horoscopes work on people's suggestibility: They hear or read what they wish to. People love horoscopes because they claim to be able to predict the future. For some, indeed, this is such an article of faith that, when challenged, they become very upset. However, this again does not make horoscopes fictional.
Horoscopes are popular. They do not hold up to scientific scrutiny, but then again, neither does the existence of God, and that does not stop people believing in Him.
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There are many instances to prove that marriages or other important occasions are being spoiled when horoscopes are not considered. This shows that horoscopes have a great importance in life.

But there are rarely some instances where people prosper well in any situation without even thinking about their horoscope. Thus whether it is true or untrue depends on your way of thinking and acting. If you believe in the superpower and step forward boldly transferring your burden to him and go on confidently, carefully.
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I wouldn't suggest you rely on horoscopes to forecast your future. Faith in God and knowledge of the bible is better. Whatsoever you believe will happen is what will happen.
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I think, the horoscopes are the real thing, but this is not the same thing with every person. Some say the horoscope is a real thing and has a personal impact, but some people don't believe this idea. However one should believe in God, because everyone's faith is in the hands of God. When the child is born the faith has been written by the God.
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You've just got to believe in your own horoscope, whatever you make of it, that's how you will respond to it - so try to think good.
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Astrology and Horoscopes can be very useful when it is hard to take a decision on things to come. The knowledge of understanding the truth by the planets' movement is a very ancient science and has evolved through centuries. But one should not depend on this and should not close one's eyes to the explicit facts. While Divination and Astrology can be useful, it should not be used to the extreme. It is a tool to know "things to come" when there is no other way to know it, or when we are desperate to know the future.
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Well some of mine have come true and others didn't, or if they did, I don't know how. I say don't base your life on horoscopes - but some people do.
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Melly (well thats a nickname) M
lets face it, horoscopes aren't real. They are written by random people who's job it is to write them. Sometimes it seems like they are real, but that is only because they usually predict things that are bound to be happening in a fair amount of people's lives. Horoscopes do give people hope when they read that they will be with their true love, or there is good luck in their future. So in a way, they are also uplifting, and can give a person hope they didn't have before.
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Horoscopes tell about the position of various planets and predict our future according to their position.There are android apps which are easy to use and are accurate to some extent and also answer your queries 

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Horoscopes and astrology are ancient beliefs that were brought about largely by a non-understanding of the universe. The stars have no effect on humans, nor do the planets. Most of the "astrologers" would tell you that, without an exact time of birth and a "reading", you could never be accurate in the prediction, I say you never could anyway. They are fun and entertaining but that is about it, don't bet the farm on your horoscope - or a fortune cookie for that matter.
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I'm pretty sure they are for real but they can sometimes overdo it. Look, you can't always rely on horoscopes. Take my advice, don't believe everything someone tells you, just believe it if you want to. Take it from someone who knows. Believe it.
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I do not think horoscope is true. If horoscope reader gives you a positive answer then you will feel good. If he gives you a negative answer then you will feel bad. It’s your mind that you have to control to be free or happy. Do not let what is coming through your ears take control over you no matter who says it until you understand it yourself. But I know that if you have a desire for something and if you work at it; the Mother Nature(Gods work) will find a way to deliver it to you.
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I agree with all the others. And yet, one more practical point, think of all the people born on your birthday. One horoscope can't possibly cover everybody born on that day.
Enjoy reading them, but don't take them too seriously.
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Horoscopes are facts, but not fiction. They show the planetary position of the planets, when you were born and what would be their effect throughout your life.
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I think they are for real but sometimes it'll say something like your kids will be happy, I'm not even 18 yet!

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