Can Husband Drink Breast Milk In Islam?


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It is Makroo not  Halal or Haram , a thing which causes harm to your body is strictly haram in islam such as Diet coke , Coke ,Cigarette and its variants , Excessive use of Alcohol which can make a person loose his mind, breast milk is for the infant but incase if it is not required by the infant as he has out grown his age it can't be ruled out haram for the husband to breast feed on it beside it can't harm your body . If any one has some hadith regarding breast feeding saying its haram do quote it .. Saying haram doesnt make it haram quote the reference.

And one should please his opposite sex by any means necessary to do justice , anal sex is not allowed and sex during menstruation is not allowed . Foreplay is highly promoted in islam before having sex .. Breast feeding comes in foreplay . But one can't rule out that it is haram , it might be considered Makroo .. Saying haram doesnt make it haram quote the reference.
The issue is controversial. Abu Musa Asha'ri says this act renders the wife unlawful for her husband; but Ibn Masuud says there is no problem in it if it takes place after two years of child birth (according to  surah Al Baqarah verse no. 233). My opinion is that the verse no. 233  neither permits nor prohibits it clearly; it is doubtful.So we should avoid it. Accidental happeninhs may be forgiven. Allah knows better.
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A child can drink his / her mothers milk. She can also feed another child as a foster mother if the child doesn't have a mother. The wife's husband is NOT allowed to drink her milk. If he does, then she will be haraam for him! So this means that he cannot see her as his wife! Therefore any relationship they have will be sinful.
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No husband can not drink milk in islam
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No, no, no, the husband cannot it is haraaaaaaaaaaaam, but he can drink cows milk from the shop and its halaaaaaaaaaal.

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