What Is The Duties Of Wife With His Husband According To Islam?


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This can be taken to extremes in some countries and yet practised more liberally in other countries. Examples are as follows:
Day to day socially acceptable duties; cooking, cleaning, child bearing, child rearing. Supportive of the whole family and to respect the husband.
In other details women should walk 10 paces behind thier husband, they must not allow another man to touch thier hair or dress inappropriately as so to tempt other men!
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Lol they can't let another man touch her hair etc but her husband can offer her breast to suckle at the dinner table to his friend 0- sick!
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First Learn then talk about something Mr Redneck Guest.
What you're saying happens in western countries in the form of swinging, wife swapping etc.
Look at yourself before making such an idiotic comment.

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