What Was The Reaction Of Hindus And Muslims Regarding The Partition Of Bengal In The Subcontinent?


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When the British decided to partition the province of Bengal, which was the richest, most educated and the most politicized province in the subcontinent, there was a divergence in reaction of the Hindus and Muslims, due to several reasons. Firstly the Hindus comprehended this partition decision as an attempt to divide up their most established province.

Secondly they viewed it as a British favour to the Muslims, which ignited their fury even further. As for Muslims, their reaction was in complete divergence with the Hindus as they were immensely delighted at the partition decision as it gave them a chance to have a province (East Bengal) where they enjoyed a majority. Nevertheless the Hindu protests and objections were so loud in their fury that the British had to surrender to their apoplectic whims and finally reverse the decision of the partition of Bengal, shifting the capital from Calcutta to Delhi.

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