What Was The Formation Of Muslim League?


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Muslim League was a political part in the British India that is still in force in Pakistan and a minor party in Kerala India. Muslim League was formed in the year 1906 at Dhaka.

It was the driving force behind the creation of India and Pakistan. The first head quarters of this party were in Lucknow and Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk was the first president of this party.

The need for having a separate political platform for Muslims was felt by all the Muslims during the 1900's when the British Administration started acceding to Hindu demands and made Hindi the official language and also suppressed the Muslim culture in a number of ways. So This party was found exclusively for Muslims so that they and their demands could be represented on a political platform.
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Muslim League was founded at Dhaka on 30th December, 1906 with Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk as its first president. It was a political party in British India that developed into the driving force behind the creation of Pakistan as a Muslim state on the Indian subcontinent. It is still in some parts of India(e.g., Kerala) and a major political party in Pakistan and also Bangladesh.

The main purpose of Muslim League was to get Muslim's of India's voice raised to British Government. Muslims at that time could not let their opinions reached at authorities and need was felt for a Political party from which voice of Muslims could reach Government. Also visit Muslim League and Muslim League 2 with following Blurtit questions:

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