What Was Achievement Of Simla Deputation For Muslims?


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The acceptance of Simla Deputation happened to be a turning point for the Muslims in the history of the Indian sub-continent.

The Simla Deputation preserved the interests and identity of the Muslims in the sub-continent, and through this it was made clear by the Muslims that they are in no way interested in handing power to a Hindu-dominated assembly elected on the assumed basis of a homogenous Indian nation. The Simla Deputation reflected the struggle of the Muslims for self-determination and an independent identity.

The Simla Deputation sent off the first real signs of a possible division of Bengal, which was ultimately materialized by the Two-nation theory  and the subsequent partition of Bengal into India and Pakistan.

So the partition of Bengal and the opportunity of Muslims to retain a separate homeland forming a majority can be seen as some of the achievements of the Simla Deputation.

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