Does Karma Really Exist?


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Here is the answer to your question: In a new age aspect-no.Its what many just want to believe.It is all part of the occult.God owners revenge,not us,and many rotten people go unpunished their whole life don't they.But judgement day will prove things should've been kept down to two mysteries(righteousness and evil).
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I do.. And I have a couple of stories to relate.. But not now - it's late in the Uk and I am about to sleep - ask the question again tomorrow, or ping my email (in my profile) and I will boggle your mind (but in a nice way).
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Yes it really does. It will bite you at the end if you're not careful

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I believe so. Karma is the word used for "What goes around, comes around" It may not come back to you exactly as it was dished out, but it will always come back around. If you are good to people then you've nothing to worry about.
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Karma sure enough exists, but NOT as a consequence of reincarnation, which does not exist. Exodus K' #5, LD" #37 < I render the sins of fathers to sons, till 3rd and 4th generation. So, this is the base for " Karma ". The question is this : those who govern the nations say, that they can do anything , but this is not written as 'karma", because they are outside, far from "karma". What do you thing about it?
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I believe if you treat people badly you will always get paid back.

My mother always taught me that GOD does not like evil and when someone does wrong he always makes sure that they get what they deserve.
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Karma has taken on a strange path losing its meaning.  Here is how to look at it.  When you promote something, you will get it in return.  Advertizing is a great way to look at it.  What you advertize is what you get back.  Live by the sword, die by the sword is a good one.  It seems that evil people get away with a lot, but really if you really look into their lives, that are living in a hell they have created for themselves.  Your best thing to do is live well for your self, your family, the community you live in and and try to understand others and walk away from the crazies.
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There's no such thing has karma what goes around does not always come back around I personaly have done good and was rewarded with evil if karma does exist I want to see that its karma but not to me just to be on the good side people have laugh at me critized and scandalize me I laugh and sometimes worry  I come to face with people who just want  to fight and destroy you for no reason just for who you are kind and respectfull them just face it you be kind to people and people will step and crush you where is karma huh....
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Lets face it people in this world people take your kindness for weakness
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Lets face it people in this world people take your kindness for weakness you can't be to kind and you can't be to evil thats it so the bull crap with do good and people will do good to you LOL..
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I would say no. Karma is what human created for religion. Just like religions. The chances of Karma being is same as what I just made: Pizza God. Don't be afraid to get out of the box.
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I totally believe in karma:) this one time I shook a bottle of hot sauce and the lid wasn't on.....yah it didn't end well. The next time my family had tacos my dad was treating me like I was stupid and he was like "" and he shook the hot sauce and the lid wasn't on all the was and there was hot sauce all over the table and floor after that hah:)

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