Does God exist ?


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  I think each person has their own god. Some may see Jesus and/or God as their lord and saviour and some may see society or material things as their god. 

I believe that each person has their own unique beliefs and their own personal "God".

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I belive that there is only one creator in the whole universe and this creator is our God. 

There is the best definition in #HOLLY QURAN (religious book of muslims) that says,  "He is Allah, [who  is]  One. Allah, the Eternal  Refuge.

(Muslims use ALLAH to name the creator as Christians use God)

He  neither begets nor is born. Nor is there to Him any equivalent."...                                 

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Tamer Hijazeen
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I don't believe in Islam or Quran or Mohammed.  It's a personal opinion. 
LaRosa Hjort
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I believe that religion is just each person's opinion and belief of who god is and how to get to heaven. You can argue either way. Try watching the movie 'God's Not Dead', it is basically a debate on the existence of god.
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I don't know what some people believe, but God has helped and guided me so much through my life, of course I believe in him. I don't think he hates gays or other religions though. 

Everyone's his child. He has different paths for all of us. Not full destinies, just basic guidelines. We do the rest ourselves. Also, life is so wonderful, there has to be more. Of course there does. 

Good Luck, to everyone viewing this question.

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Yes. I know this from not only personal experiences, but scientific facts as well.

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No he does not. If you take a look around you can plainly see that anyone with common sense would see that he is not real. It is something mankind has created to answer questions about the world we could not explain hundreds of years ago. The fact that people still believe it is astonishing.

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The answer to this is personal to everyone. You can choose to believe there is a God or not. As long as that view is respected is the most important thing.

I personally do believe in God because of what's happened to me in my life. Each to their own.

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Everyone has different beliefs about God and his existence which is why we have such wonderful diversity in this world. In my opinion God does exist due to the nature of this world, its systems and miracles. I find the world around us a living example that God exists.

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Hello Tamer.

This is a very interesting question, and a very central one to our lives today. Religion has a wide influence in the world from American politics, to the conflicts in the middle east, through to charity work in Africa.

However there are a few big problems when it comes to answering your question. Firstly, what does 'God' actually mean? Just browsing the previous answers to your question comes up with numerous different definitions of what 'God' is. Without a precise definition it is impossible to prove whether or not something exists.

Secondly many people's ideas of God are not falsifiable. For an idea to be falsifiable there has to be a way of discerning whether the idea is true or not. If X is true, then idea Y is untrue. This is important as it allows us to test whether or not a claim conforms to reality. If a 'God' idea is unfalsifiable there is no way to test the truth of the claim.

These problems make answering the question 'does 'God' exist' conclusively extremely difficult. However this does not mean that accepting his existence, and not, are equally valid positions.

To understand why imagine for a moment you are in court, and the idea of 'Fairies' is on trial. It is the job of the prosecution to prove that 'fairies' are guilty of existing. That is to say, the person making the existence claim has a burden of proof.

Now once the prosecution has presented their evidence the jury has two options. They can find 'fairies' guilty of existing, in which case they believe the prosecution has met their burden of proof, or they can find them not guilty of existing, in which case they believe they haven't met their burden of proof.

The important thing of note is that the jury saying 'not guilty' does not mean they think 'fairies' are innocent of the charge of existing. It simply means they do not think the prosecution gave enough evidence to prove they do.

So just as we don't send people to prison in the absence of evidence that they committed a crime, neither should we believe a claim true until it has met its burden of proof.

I am an atheist. Not because I can prove 'Gods' don't exist, but because no one has yet presented to me strong evidence that they do, and in the absence of that evidence, I withhold belief. 

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