What Is The Significance Of A Realistic Dream?


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There are two types of dreams. One is realistic dreams and the others are non-realistic dreams. Some people in the world do not believe in realistic dreams but actually there are dreams which are realistic. First we need to understand about the dreams. Human mind is the main authority and the power for every thing. Our mind is also capable of guessing about the upcoming events. So the mind which basically generates the dreams, show about the upcoming event or give us the hint about the upcoming event. Usually the dreams seen in the last portion of night are true and realistic dreams because at that time the brain completes the maintenance of the cells and releases all the stresses.

SO the brain at that time is in free condition to realize about the events. It presents the hints about the real life events in the dreams. There is another factor about the realistic dreams is the catching the waves. For the detail of the function of the realistic dreams, you can consult a mind masters. They will completely explain you the function of realistic dreams.
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I experience some of my dreams too where I think I am awake but I'm not>Everything looks the same in my dream as it did when I fell asleep>I wake up in my dream and I realize sometimes that I'm dreaming by little things in the dream that seem odd. I thought this was called a lucid dream because sometimes I have control over the dream and realize I am dreaming. I wake up exhausted and thirsty and feel like I've slept for a while when in some cases it's just an hour of sleep.
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A lucid dream is when you realise in the dream that you are dreaming, a realistic is when you think back and wonder if it really happened. When you have a realistic dream it means that something in your life is false but you don't realise it. Dreams help us realise that we are more observent and understanding than we think we are. A realistic dream shows that we understand that something doesn't seem right and we want to tell ourselves about that fact. In the dream you talk about you say you didn't know where the leggings were, but in fact you did. The dream was trying to show you the opposite meaning.
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Yes they are in colour, and I know the people in them, I have conversation with them. It is just like remembering a real "yesterday". There are no repeats. And yes, I am tired when I awake. I woke myself up in the middle of one when I shouted at the neighbour's dog!
I do not sleep walk, my husband would have noticed.
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You say realistic does that mean they are in color? If they are in color they are more important that others! (ref Carl G Jung) Then do you know anyone there? Then do the speak? Then is it repeating? Then are you tired when you awake?
These are things that need to be known!
aib536 is always wrong!
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I really meant to ask about the medical significance, not about interpreting them. I have since been advised that such dreams are not unusual when a person is depressed.

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