What Happens If Two People Have The Same Dream On The Same Night?


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It could mean that you have astro travelled together.  I don't know what your relationship to the other person is that had the same dream (as I suppose) you had.  It is very special, and an indication of soul partnership.  remember that your soul partner do not necessarily have to be the opposite sex as you are.  If I knew what the dream was, I could have told you what it meant.  It could also be a warning of something to come, and therefor given to two people at once to make it a matter of urgency.  One must first hear what the dream was, to be able to direct it into one of these two directions: 1) Astro travelling 2) Warning.
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My friend AJ (shes like my sister) had a dream about me being dressed in indian wear with a balck wolf that had blue markings. When we called each other we could finish the dream or tell parts the other had left out, we think its cool. We just want to know do we have some special connection

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