What Does These Funny Dreams Mean?


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That means
you are living in thoughts, I mean in the world of different images
you think that this girl or woman is with you in day
and at that when you are sleeping your thoughts comes to your dream with little changes
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When a dream like that occurs of funny dancing it may be trying to balance negativity and stress that you feel in daily life.
I'm not so sure about the chasing colleagues
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Being chased by your colleagues mean you have tormented them. loll
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Saskia Canes answered
Being chased is linked to anxiety and possibly collegues.
Dancing is just fun.
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How come chasing by a girl or colleague is funny?
These dreams doesn't mean anything. Dreams are just an overview of our daily lives. What we think, how we live, and what we do ,, these all combinely makes our dream.  Dreams are also explanation of our desires. Our brain is very strong, it can't be empty. It is working 24 hours. So there must be some visualization while we sleep. So , thats what you see, sometime funny, sometime scary, sometimes boring, sometimes adventurous. Etc etc. Believe me I see more funnier dreams than you.

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