Does Witchcraft Actually Work?


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Both Wicca and Witchcraft are religions who utilize magick. Witchcraft (The Olde Religion) has been around much longer than the newer offshoot of Wicca. If you're asking if magick works, my seasoned answer is yes. You must be learned and be very aware of your intents and purposes, but with know-how and practice, magick is a very useful and responsive tool.
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Wow, since there are so many ignorant answers to this question, let me give you an unbiased opinion. However, I must clear this one thing up before I go any further: Wicca is NOT witchcraft. The two are NOT synonymous. Wicca is a religion, and if a follower of said religion decides to practice witchcraft then that is his/her own choice. Witchcraft is like a tack-on tradition. Witchcraft is simply using energy manipulation, or magic(k), (for good or bad purposes) to attain a desired outcome (good or bad). In my opinion, witchcraft works like any other religion: It's based on faith. If you believe it works, then it will work for you. Those who call it "of the Devil" and such are only afraid of that which they have no real information on. Like I said before, however, witchcraft can be used for good or bad depending on the religious system and moral codes of the individual who chooses to use it.
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:) Yes. If practiced correctly.
From my experience and research, I've found that you must do it right! And you really shouldn't ever use magick against someone... That's a good thing to remember! "An ye harm none, do as ye will" "What you send out comes back times three"- the threefold law is important.
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WOW let me just say I have two Aunts that are witchs I found out about it and thought it was ment for me wich as I see now I think it still is I'm 15 but heres my story I'll tell you from when I was little till this age if you like me to? Just ask kay> heres the story that happend maybe 2-3 months ago alright>?
So my dog got out of the house she got hit by a car it was so loud all my friend text me saying did you hear that sound? What was it sounded like it was coming from your house.? Or street I watched as my dog layed under the car not Moving now there was No wind moving around tears fell from my face and I called to Earth air fire and water to go to her the wind picked up heavy wooshed around me we started running tords my dog then out of no where she got up on all four legs and ran to our house front yard coverd with Blood we put her in the BathTube she nearly filled it up when she came to the vet they said she wouldnt make it unless she went through fixing her legs and stuff right now we didnt have that Kind of money so we took her home I and my brother stayed up with her I brought candles out did a healing spell when I opend my eyes they where lit high up I blew them out wich makes them work more said my goodnights to her I woke up the next day and she was up running playing with the other 3 dogs thats one story but that ones my Favorite...
SO YES IT WORKS ALL THE TIME! I can do more then just that though I can see ghost angels and other things my mom gets scared I can but my cousin can also do it so its really just me and him who understand I'm NATIVE AMERICAN HISPANIC AND IRISH SO YES..IT WORKS
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No, to say that if you pour beeswax on your head and burn some sage, while chanting the rite to some dead pagan god is ludicrous, stay the course and use the rational mind. If you can't see how it works then it doesn't work.
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I think you are confusing the religion Witchcraft (or Wicca) with spell casting.
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Yeah, i am sorry there's a difference, oh wait there isn't, get real there is nothing but BS in the crap, with the exception of some of the healing herbs but that's it. And even there scope is limited.
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Yes, if practiced correctly then magic works. It, like any other task, just takes dedication and practice.
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A lot of forms of summoning up powers from a source out of the natural realm do "work" or seem to work for a season. Anytime you practice rites or rituals for a certain cause with your heart open to spiritual activity you open doors for all sorts of things to happen. It doesnt matter if it is witchcraft, voo doo, euji board
    or so on, you are playing with fire. Evil spirits are just waiting for a naive person to give them more power to cause destruction. The devil came to steal, kill, and destroy. He is also the father of lies.Any power that does not come from the God of Abraham, Isaak, and Jacob is from the enemy of all mankind. Satan. Seek the HOLY SPIRIT. In him is POWER and TRUTH.
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Provide proof of these claims?
Nikki RathernotSay
I personally believe that what YOU believe is what will happen to YOU when you die. It does not have to be written and you do not have to have a "holy experience" for it to be a religion.

I also find it RUDE to try and convert people to your religion. It may be what YOU think, but many people (me included) find people that are overly-christian offensive. Just because it's written in the bible dosent make it true.
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Ok just to see if I got this right and no offense, but you started it. If the Devil can steal, kill and destroy, while your God still rules over the devil, doesn't that mean that your God allows him to steal kill and destroy, so what is the point of seeking the holy spirit if I am seeking the person who allows the devil to kill me?

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