What Are Different Kinds Of Superstitious Believes In Asian Countries?


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Superstitious is some thing that is nothing to do with reality and those views are just the creation of our minds. Once a thing happened to some one and then the people start making different views about it.

There are so many superstitious believes around us and there is considerable number of people who do believe that these superstitious things are true and they happened to people. its is believe in some communities that if a black cat crosses you, if you are going out then,some kind of bad thing or accident will must happened with you. there is superstitious believe in some community that if a crow is sitting on your wall in the morning and creating notice ,then it means that some guests are coming to your house.

There is another believe that if your trouser is folded from the bottom, then it means that some one is coming to your home .so get reality for the guests. As in some communities, they will never travel to hilly areas on Tuesday as some bad thing can be occurred on Tuesday. And according to some Wednesday is not considered as a good day, because at that there no problem is solved and all things which they started turns into a loss.
As science is technology is so advanced but still we all are living in the superstitious world.
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I saw a real snake front of my front-yard in my house is it a good luck or bad luck what does that mean

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