What Superstition Do You Have?


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What a fun question, lovelyme. You come up with the most creative questions. You and Matador too...

Anyway, I try not to be superstitious, but my mom had and could recite a superstition for any situation, and often did when we were kids. She is quite superstitious about certain things to this day. So some linger on in my brain, even when I'm not consciously thinking of them--my mom's voice just pops up... And been trying to shake 'em ever since! Here are the ones that I can't help think of everytime there's a "trigger" situation.... I'm like a total prisoner of these echoes of my childhood! :)

1) NEVER set shoes on any kind of table. This brings serious bad luck - worse than breaking a mirror. (I still don't do this--it's easy enough to avoid so why tempt fate?)
2) Don't walk under a ladder. (I don't)
3) When walking with a friend, do not split paths when you come to an obstacle--walk on the same side of the obstacle, or you will split the friendship. (I still observe this one too)
4) Never give a sharp or cutting implement for a wedding gift (knives, shears, etc.) That's bad a bad omen for the couple's love and marriage... (there are plenty of wedding gifts out there - so I follow this one also. God knows I don't want to be responsible for breaking up any marriages!)
5) Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry. As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names with each twist until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem came off. (as a little girl, I remember yanking at that darned stem when I got to my favorite's name! LOL)
6) To predict the sex of a baby: Suspend a wedding band held by a piece of thread over the palm of the pregnant girl. If the ring swings in an oval or circular motion the baby will be a girl. If the ring swings in a straight line the baby will be a boy. Well, I can't tell you why, but my mom was right with all 3 of mine.
7) breaking a mirror brings 7 years bad luck (Well I do so many other things that are superstitiously bad luck, that I can't tell which one is responsible!. It's like, OK, here we go again...what did I do THIS time? Did I put shoes on a table? Break a mirror? Forget to throw salt over my shoulder?....)
8) It's really bad luck to put a hat on a bed. (whatever- it's worse if it's on the floor and gets stepped on)
9) It's bad luck to kill a spider (and not just for the spider). I kill spiders in my house routinely, so maybe this is the problem.
10) When you see a butterfly, it is the reincarnate spirit of one of your ancestors visiting you. (I always whisper a silent hello when I see one-- but I can't tell who it is!)
11)When a bell rings, a new angel has received her wings. Sweet!~I like this and I choose to believe this.
12) The number 13 is unlucky (I don't believe this; it's been very "lucky" for me)
13) If you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake with only one puff, you will get your wish. (At my age, I have a hard time remembering what I wished for a year ago, so I can't say if this one works or not :) )
14) Itchy palms mean you will soon come into a large sum of money (this is SO NOT working for me! I keep handling poison ivy hoping to prove it true)
15) It is bad luck to tread upon a grave (and also just in bad taste, I think)
16) Chimney sweeps are good luck. (OK-- meeting a hunky man would be good luck, even if he IS all sooty from head to toe.) My mom gave each of us kids a Hummel figurine of a chimney sweep one year for Christmas. Mine was knocked over and broken within a year of getting it! :( I don't know if that brings bad luck--or if it just means I am clumsy!)
17) It is bad luck to light three cigarettes with the same match. (I guess it's probably bad luck to light ANY cigarette!)
18) If you step on a crack, you break your mother's back (I just never even wanted to test this one--so I always avoid stepping on cracks to this day...)
19)If your nose itches you will soon be kissed by a fool-- and this one has worked repeatedly, even when my nose doesn't itch it seems to work.
20) If you spill salt, quickly throw a pinch of it over your left shoulder - (I don't know why it was the left shoulder. I'm a klutz in the kitchen, too, so this has made my floor very salty and gritty at times. LOL)
21) Don't open an umbrella in the house (well since it is very hard to get through the door with an open umbrella, I don't do this just out of common sense. Besides, it's not raining in my house.)
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Oh - and I forgot the most common one that I act on--almost without thinking!! Knock on wood --when you've said something like "oh well that's never happened to me..." or some other absolute statement of your good fortune like "I haven't been sick for three winters in a row". I guess it's supposed to avoid tempting the fates to prove you wrong. :)
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*Sitting on the pillow
  They say it will cause you a very bad sleep for a week
*Sitting in front of the door
  It will bring death/accident/disease to a family member
*Open up an umbrella inside the house
  This simply brings bad luck
*Cutting hair at night
  It brings bad luck.
*Washing & Combing hair right at the middle of the night (12 o'clock) in front of a mirror
  They say that a lady ghost will appear in the mirror, right next to you.
*Peeing behind a tree, especially a very big tree
  This is assumed to be disrespectful to the mother nature and in turn, a bad spirit will follow you causing a disease (commonly a fever) or a worst nightmare for 7 days 7 nights.

However, as I grew up, I noticed that people create superstitions with good messages behind. Like, don't walk under the ladder because its dangerous and that the ladder might fall at anytime. Don't sit on the pillow because pillow is for the head to sleep and not for the butt (in my culture, everything for the head cannot be simplified with anything for the butt). An exception made for the last point of my superstitions coz it really happens. :)
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Holding breath over graveyards
throwing spilt salt over shoulder
kissing back of hand and touching the roof of the car when going 
  under a yellow light
fingers crossed over railroad tracks
groom doesn't see bride in her dress before the wedding
say away from number 13

I think that might be it
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Hmm, I am not superstitious at all. I don't believe in such things. I don't obsess myself. I have heard many things like black cat crossing you, the number 13th etc but I don't care about such things. I believe, if something wrong is going to happen you, you can't stop it. There are so many things in our life which we can't control. We have control over so many things like, we we can adopt a straight path or wrong path for any doing. We can't choose our life and so to death. We can't choose our parents and relatives. These are pre-written in the book of God.
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I believe in superstition, like the black cat crossing your path is good luck, Friday the 13th was always a bad day for me nothing went right on that day. My aunt used to say if you have a baby and he/she hasn't fell off the bed or couch before they are 1 year of age, they will die at a young age. I know that is horrible to think about, you never want your child to fall. I just had a baby, well he is a year now, lets just say he has fell off the bed a few times, but my aunt, if she was still here, would have already made him fall just because she wanted him to live a long life.
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Walking under a ladder is the only superstition I tend to believe in. I was told by my grandparent's that walking under a ladder is bad luck because a paint bucket can fall on your head or someone can drop a window on your head. But I think that it's generally unsafe to walk under a ladder whether there is a paint bucket or not. It's just one superstition I believe in. And I still don't know why this one has a hold on me. But that's what superstitions are all about. They have no basis in reality, but they still have some power to make you believe in them.
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Breaking a mirror will cause 7 years of bad luck. I broke a mirror once and truly the next 7 years were pretty bad. I am sure that it is coincidence. I also hold my breath going through tunnels, just for fun really. I do not believe in luck. A negative attitude will bring a negative response. I believe your attitudes bring on your "luck".
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sorry for your mirror story, I hope you are in good luck now because you sound positive!
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My grandmother and her grandmother told young couples in their time that whichever of the bride and groom fell asleep first on the wedding night would be the first to die. My dear mother would tell me many a young couple would be sitting awake all night with matchsticks holding their eyelids open. I thought oh my goodness, and was sure to allow my husband to be first to slumber on my own wedding night.
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I loooove your questions lovelyme really they're really interesting hehe I've answered one before..I'm not that superstitious either but the only thing I get scared of is cutting my nails at night because since I was young my mom tells me it's not good to cut your nails at night it could go to your eye! Hehe it's funny but everytime I cut my nails I really pay attention..
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thank you and I am glad that you like my questions. And what a coinsidence, my grandmom has told me not cut nails at night, but the reason was different, she said it would cause bad luck on my parents if i cut at night. So I have never cut my nails at night :)
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My poor parents! WIsh I had known what I was doing to them all these years... :)
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My superstition would be :if you slit the pole then you will have bad luck. I really don't believe in stuff like that though, because last year, I broke one or two whole mirrors, and I still haven't got my bad luck yet. Actually, I've been having better luck.
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Don't let the broom touch feet when sweeping.
When walking with others, don't walk on opposite sides of a pole.
Don't buy baby items too early during pregnancy.
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My family believes in two main superstitions:
1) Don't step over a person who is lying down. They will stop growing and it will be all your fault.
2) Tuesday the 13th is considered bad luck. In Greece, this is a popular bad luck day.
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I have a very small superstition, Whatever new work, I want to do, I tend to do it on 1st day (i.e 1, 10,19,28). Because my lucky number no is 1
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I don't have many superstitions but a few of them are:
-Most things that are red are lucky (in Vietnamese culture red=luckiness/happiness).

-I am really scared of the bloody mary thing and the ouija board...I would never try them.
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What's the bloody mary thing?
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Well supposedly, if you go into a pitchdark bathroom (or any room with a mirror), face the mirror, say bloody mary over and over, and do some other things, a spirit (or unnatural being) will appear in the mirror.
Now personally, i don't believe that something will appear out of nowhere, but it does things to your mind. I've had people who were aquantainces stupidly try it, and were changed by experience...
I have many superstitions here are just a few...
Don't put a hat on a bed because some one will die
not to step on a grave or you will be next to be in one
walking under a ladder, the whole black cat thing and so on
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Keeping a pet bird. My granny used to say that a bird in a cage puts god in a rage. She insisted that the redbreast of a robin was when it was perched on the cross a spot of blood landed on its breast ergot the redbreast. Now I am not saying I believe it myself but if my granny Aggie says so, then it must be true. :)
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Don't let any one start pushing the book of god at you
any way I always tend to salute a magppie that you know the saying one for sorry two for joy three for a boy and so on
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When you see a magpie, you are supposed to greet it by saying "hello, Mr. Magpie" some people add "good day to you" for extra luck. It works for me.
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Hi I also don't believe superstition, sometimes I think it just a coincidence as we can not prove it is true . Some people believe but some are not so if we believe then we 'll consider it's true . The important is before believe we should think it over,why or what it happen, is it worth to believe?
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Are you Chinese? I will assume you are not. Life is full of bumps and bruises, why put an unnecessary burden on yourself by taking on such a superstition? While it is true that certain cultures assign certain values to numbers, such as the Biblical "666", arranging your life around what some other culture says about a number, particularly because the Chinese word for the number sounds like death, is to take on a psuedo-religious belief that can have serious and unhappy consequences! Please re think this and get help if you need, it is an unhealthy obsession!
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I love this question! All of your questions rawsome, but by far this is my favorite. I really can't say much though. It just randomly comes to me. But seriously I'm am like the most superstitious person in the world!! But I do have a question for you. Do you believe in magic?

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