Why Are Magpies Associated With Bad Luck?


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According to superstition, Magpies can be both lucky and unlucky.

To view one Magpie is said to be unlucky, whereas to view two is lucky. Although no one knows for sure, this might be because (according to some), Magpies mate for life. So if you see one Magpie the implication is that his mate has died or he just can't get a date.

Should you chance upon a lone Magpie, there are a number of techniques you can use to prevent the attendant bad luck. These include:

- Greet the Magpie with the phrase "Hello Mr Magpie, where is your wife today?."
- Repeat the phrase, "I defy thee" seven times.
- Pinch the person you are walking with (or yourself if you are alone).
- Salute the Magpie.

All the methods are likely to result in personal embarrassment if undertaken in public.

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