How Many Types Of Religion Are There In India ?


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There is about 30 different religions in India
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The overwhelming majority of people in India are Hindus (80%). The next largest religion is Islam; Muslims make up 14% of the population. (This number was greater before the partition of India and the creation of the Islamic nation of Pakistan in 1947.) Christians and Sikhs make up most of the remaining religious affiliations, with 2.4% being Christian and 2% Sikh.

Buddhists comprise a further 0.7% of the population, with Jains making the smallest group at 0.5%. Both these religions originated in India, as did Hinduism. Other faiths and non-faiths make up 0.4%.

In July 2006 the total population of India was estimated at 1,095,351,995. This number is expected to increase, with India possibly overtaking China in the next 50 years.

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