Need A Hindi Essay On Television Or In Hindi -Dhoor Darshan?


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If you're looking for essay topics on the subject of Indian TV, and Doordarshan in particular, there are plenty of approaches you can take.

For a start, you could contrast Doordarshan as a public service broadcaster to the other services in India, such as commercial stations or digital channels:
  • What are the advantages and challenges facing such a station in the digital age? 
  • Can its programs remain relevant? 
  • Should it appeal to a mass audience or specialize in shows the commercial stations can't or won't show? 
  • Will Doordarshan continue to rely more on sponsorship, or should it charge a licence fee?

The Good Old Days...Or Were They?

Instead of an overview of the station, you could focus on the shows Doordarshan has broadcast down the years. 

Are the foreign imports from the USA or UK more popular than the Indian shows? Are imports seen as a bad influence, especially on children? Will current shows be looked on as fondly as popular Doordarshan shows of the past?

You could go back to the 1980s for example and take a closer look at the popular shows of that decade. 

  • Why was Nukkad so popular - was it really true to life? 
  • Was Vishwamitra a good adaptation of the great epic story? 
  • Do drama serials such as Circus and Fauji stand up to viewing in 2014, or do they look old-fashioned? 

In October 2014, Doordarshan came in for criticism when it transmitted a controversial speech from politician Mohan Bhagwat. Was the criticism justified? This YouTube film shows a discussion on the subject and might get you writing:

Hope your essay goes well!

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