Essay on republic day in hindi?


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Since 26 January we celebrate Republic Day is coming. This time we will celebrate 61 th Republic Day. many Indian democratic system fluctuation seen and resentment towards the people in the democratic system was also prevalent. Dissatisfaction caused by corrupt governance and administration and criminalization of politics. Many individuals and organizations in India who do not have faith in the Indian constitution. vain discontent: Our Constitution is not the cause of impiety. But it is obvious that the arrangement imposed and dictator in the world, did not last long. Believed that democracy has many flaws, but the system of dictatorship or religious law takes away the right to individual freedom, that we have seen. German and all know what happened in Afghanistan. Why did the Soviet Union imploded to say it does not matter. In the future you will see China being shattered. democracy to mature: We are proud to be the world's largest democracy. Our democracy is gradually becoming mature. We are becoming ever more discerning. Gradually came to understand the importance of democracy. Just open the person can live in a democracy.Can develop their own personality and can fulfill all your ambitions. The people still yearn to live openly. These are only a handful of countries.Democracy will Guntntr: Our society is changing. The media is aware. Public awake. Young thinking is evolving. The level of education is growing.Technological increasing people's army. Now the politicians of this country has been too cautious. Longer governance and corruption, crime and would not be disqualification Republic Guntntr our future will be based on, say so .... Hail to the Republic.

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