Essay in hindi on my teacher?


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May I ask you where you studied? I am thinking about the writing an essay about studying in your native language and in English. That would be really nice if somebody told his own story. When the paper is ready,  I think I will turn it in Marvelous essay service to have it proofread. I have heard that they are the best in this field.

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Marvelous essay do not even use very good English on their own website, any proofreading by them would be a disaster.
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Give name,subject he teaches,why you like him,his traits,expression,solving skills,lecturing time,language,relation with students,giving assignments,encouragement to other areas(externally and subject wise),interaction with parents,guiding you on scores,depth you acquire,match with some ideal,experience,what you learn from him,how he you regard him as a building block for future,attitude,manners,punctuality,etc qualities,how many follow him,lastly sum up your sugestions to make him more oriented

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