Can A Muslim Man Marry A British Female?


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Yes he can - but be aware that if the British woman is not Muslim there can be consequences she would not expect from marrying a Christian.
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They can marry absolutely any girl. Muslim or Christian. I'm not sure about Jews though...

Though it's different for the female Muslim. She must marry a Muslim man.

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Yes, if he renounces his silly little faith and lives by our customs and laws
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It's not silly. Everyone has their own beliefs. No one one is calling your religion silly are they? Please keep your opinions to yourself. You're being bitchy.
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Aslam-o-Aleykum. Ofcourse, Muslim man can marry a british female. There are importance to know before getting marry a non-beliver female. Those importance can be known ony by a muslim religious teacher(Aalm-e-Deen), Because He knows better about the rights of Muslim-non muslim marriage. Thanx

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