Do Muslim Women Ever Date Or Marry Non Muslim Men?


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Depends on what you mean by 'dating'. If you mean sex- then no practicing Muslim woman will do that before marriage. By practicing I don't mean....practicing per se.....but any woman who is aware of a simple fact that she is answerable to God and therefore does not want to do something that the Quran clearly mentions as a grave sin and the most despised act. A modern Muslim woman may be dressed up in Western clothing and shake hands with men at workplace....but this doesn't mean that she approves of sex outside wedlock! Boyfriend is a hypothetical/imaginary entity in Muslim cultures - that are all about husbands, wives, children, families! In urban Muslim cultures 'dating' does take place in a 'culturally correct' manner. This usually involves, taking her out on a lunch or dinner- almost regularly and talking to her in a traditionally patriarchal fashion...meaning ...telling her that you genuinely want to protect her,safeguard her, care and nurture her and that you are capable of doing this. Muslim dating is more affectionate, rather than outrightly sexual. Muslim women would immediately identify a man as a potential suitor if he begins to show caring attitude towards her in routine life. Small and inoffensive actions send very strong sexual signals in Muslim dating and you can try these as well. For example, if you have had coffee with her,..mid way through...casually pick up her cup and take a sip from where she used the cup. Be casual...don't display! But she would immediately know that you want to be physically close to her. A slight brush of finger on her hair would do as well. Don't even think of giving a pat on her hip as she would immediately interpret it as you treating her as a sex  object. On the other hand any brief brushing touch on hand, head, shoulder would be appreciated. Teasing her nose, as you would tease a child, would be perceived as non-offensive and would be shyly accepted as your sexual advances towards her. Whatever you do - you have to seal it with a proposal for marriage ....not with ....ah, why don't you stay the night!  Good luck.
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Yes! I am a muslim girl, not veiled..and I am dating a catholic guy! He is very decent and sweet and the whole deal! Of course my parents want me to marry a muslim. I believe in God, but I am not super religious. YOU CAN'T PREDICT WHO YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH. I can't just restrict myself to only dating "muslim guys", most of the muslims in my area are Pakistani, and I am not interested because I am not of that culture. If you move to a country that is predominantly Christian, how do parents expect their children to MEET AND MARRY someone of the same culture/religion. North America is vastly multicultural. You fall in love WITH A PERSON and their MORALS, SENSE OF HUMOR, not their religion. Their are perfectly respectable Christians and Jews out there who were raised no differently than I was. Of course it can cause problems having 2 religions in a house hold! I think the main thing is that people don't know what Islam is, they only see propaganda on the TV. A lot of muslim countries come up with their own BOGUS rules and people confuse culture with religion. If you explain Islam to your partner they may grow to have respect for it, and may agree to raise kids under the religion, should you marry etc...I think it's personal preference. Keep in mind that it's not only Islam that doesn't allow inter-faith marriage, so does Judaism and Christianity. Our parents carry generations of their religion whether it be Christian, Jew or Muslim, so when they have to marry their child into a different faith, it hurts them! If I ever have kids I will let them marry whoever they choose as long as they are a good loving caring person.
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They do sometimes, I know a couple and their families accept each other. Happy days :)
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Yes. I'm a Humanist man who is in a relationship with a Muslim woman. We have so much in common when it comes to our progressive views of religion and philosophy, that it works. So, we're out there. :)
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Some do, but they are never accepted in the community or in their families again. I have heard (and I can not personally verify this, but there have been reports in the news ) that some are killed for such an act.
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Sarasita.. For everyone there is a partner, God has said so so we beleive it its not about falling in love with every tom dick and harry that coems your way of course when men and women are put together they willl develop feeling's but does that mean you ahve no restraint? You can't say although he is nice to avoid problems for the both of us we shoudln't do anything... Are you really a slave to your whims and desires.. I used to be a christian but I have converted to or shoudl I say reverted to islam. And you know what even in christian tradition dating is not permitted so how you can make multiculturalism an excuse is beyond me the fact is we are all capable of reason and restraint.. If x=c then it does not equal y does it?
So stop encouraging falsehood to your own ppl and inviting others  to pray upon women... I could show you comments from christian men about seducing muslim women that would disgust you. And what you don't realize is in the end differences will cause problems its only a matter of time I have witnessed relationships like what youve described end up terrible. So don't encourage other women to be whores to thier whims and throw away knowledge that encourages patience and reason
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No, they are not allowed to marry people of other religions.
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Of course they do! A woman is not a family object, that is passed on between male 'tribe members' of Islam. She can decide whether she marries a guy, but she cannot choose whom she falls in love with. I guess, if you believe in a god, then that god letting you fall in love with an 'illegal' person, I guess it was meant to be. I'm humanist and I also have a relationship with a Muslim woman. It's real and she has even met my parents, who are also non-believers. They all love each other, but her parents are not aware of my existence. I'm also not 'her boyfriend', although she regularly shows real affection. This IS love. I wonder why parents suppress their daughters like that. Wouldn't the fact that there is genuine happiness and love not be more important than continuing a tradition that is obsessed with how people think of other people's choices? It's more honest to love someone openly and there are millions of Muslims enjoying premarital sex, but they play 'the official story'. It's all a bit dishonest really, I'm sorry, and there's no reason to hide: If you want your children to be happy, let them make their own choices, even if that means that they're lesbian or gay. Don't blame them, enjoy them being happy in their own right.

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