Can A Gemini Man Marry A Gemini Woman?


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Yes - they certainly can. But be prepared for an extremely adventurous marriage!

Gemini man and a Gemini woman together There are many advantages to a Gemini - Gemini relationship and marriage...

  • Gemini men and women both enjoy a laugh, so be prepared for a witty and fun-filled marriage.
  • Geminis always have a lot of friends, so if both partners are Geminis they you should expect a very wide social circle.
  • A Gemini marriage will be a very spontaneous and lively one, as the Gemini's nature is young at heart and this sign loves living for the moment.
  • Geminis usually feel rather unburdened emotionally, which can mean that their relationship together would be of a relaxed and easy-going nature, no matter how serious or long-term it was.

There could also be some issues with a Gemini-Gemini marriage...

  • Geminis are naturally unstable and easily distracted, which can make a relationship with them difficult, and which would be even more difficult when both parties are Geminis!
  • The manipulative behavior which is sometimes exercised by Geminis towards people could make a marriage difficult - as will a Gemini's preference for a casual arrangement.
  • A Gemini's individuality is very important to them, and with two Geminis in the relationship this can sometimes make the bond between each other strained.
But it shouldn't matter what star sign you are, or your partner is - as, if you love one another, then your marriage should be fine!

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Yes my parents have been married for 25 years.

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