How Are Pragmatism And Analytic Philosophy Uniquely American Movement?


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They're not. Pragmatism has been the mark of the professional soldier and businessman since the dawn of time.
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From the book "Metaphysics and Epistemology:Existence and Knowlege"
(p 155 Ch 8):
"As we have said, much of what happened in philosophy after Hegel was in response to Hegel.  This response took different forms in English-speaking countries and on the European continent—so different that philosophy in the twentieth century was split into two traditions or, as we might say nowadays, two “conversations.”
So-called analytic philosophy and its offshoots became the predominant
tradition of philosophy in England and eventually in the United States. The
response to Hegelian idealism on the European continent was quite different, however, and is known (at least in English-speaking countries) as Continental philosophy.
Meanwhile, the United States developed its own brand of philosophy—called pragmatism—but ultimately analytic philosophy became firmly entrenched in the United States as well."

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