Why Do Dreams Exist? What Are Dreams Really Meant For?


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A mind consisting of conscious, subconscious and unconscious can never stop its constructions. It works in conscious when we are waking and performing any kind of activity or action. It works subconsciously when our conscious is dead in sleep; that subconscious constructions of mind are 'dreams'.
'Dreams' are 'a series of images, ideas, emotions and reactions occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.
From psychological perspective 'dreams' imply the meaning of those oppressed emotions, desires, longings, aspirations and ideas which are lingering in the subconscious.
From a profound and precise perspective 'dreams' can also stand for the revelation of individual tendencies like phobia of the enclosed places, curiosity for the mysteries, fictions, love for the roses and Maria.
From spiritual perspective 'dreams' can occur to forecast the coming times. Like our Saints and Prophets at certain times foresaw the future in dreams.
'Dreams' can also be 'Day-dreams', the outward implication of which can be some goals, objectives, aspirations and destinies that one dreams of. Dreaming the desired objectives or goals can strengthen the motivating forces for the achievement, consolidate the paths to tread on, firm the determination and enhance the devotions to achieve those aspired targets.
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Dreams come because you think about that particular thing a lot it has happen with me whenever I think of something at night that thing comes in my mind so dreams are nothing just your imagination.your body is resting and relaxing so may be because of that..daydreams are not considered important,but night dreams are true dreams..
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A dream is like a place were your subconscious mind goes to when your body is at rest

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