How Can I Become A White Witch?


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I'm wiccan, and you start by studying it. It's quite easy once you get the hang of it. First off, it takes about 20 yeras to master the whole world of witchcraft, but we can start you off easy.
Here's a website that can help you with spells later on, or if you want to try some then, now.
I know it works because me and my friends made it together.
It shows you how to make your own spells and how do concentrate and stuff like that.

Now, do you have a local bookstore you can go to?
If you do, which you should, go there and check out so books concerning, or are, on the line of this title, "Beginners of witchcraft" or "The early Wiccan witches" like the salem witch trials and stuff. Just try to get stuff like that. And read, read, read!
If you have any questions just give me a shout out!
I have a LOT more I can teach you if you want??
Good luck,
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You can wake up tomorrow and announce "I am a Witch". This means you have embraced the Goddess and God and have decided to follow the Wiccan or Witchcraft ways. (This means you want to follow the religion as well as the practices. You can be a Witch and not be Wiccan, but you can't be Wiccan and not be a Witch.) But, you can only become an adept, knowledgeable Witch if you are serious (without the religious aspects if you'd like). The best place I've seen to study with others (you can study solitarily through books, but it's tough!) is The first courses are free, but you must be old enough to sign up. Check their site to see what age that is now. It's a wonderful school for cowans to begin their studies and the support is awesome. Hey, it's even great for newbies and adepts -- the courses go from Wicca 101, Advanced Wicca and herbology, Tarot all the way to advanced courses like Alchemy. Give it a go if you are of age (used to be 13, but check on it).
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You start studying it. I am a Wicca. I always use this website its my favorite, All white magic is the only way I do magic, Black is too dangerous. Hope this helps and this website will tell you how to become a witch, I hope you have 3 more friends whos into this cause the spells will be stronger if you have 4 people water, earth, air, and fire, They can still work with just one person but a lot stronger with 4 maybe 2 maybe 3 people. Good Luck.
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Haha nice try. Sorry but it's not "I am a wicca" it is "I am a wiccan" Wicca is the religion, and wiccan is the person that is studying or living the religion.
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Actually their are five elements not four their are earth, water ,wind(air), fire and spirit
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Actually there are five element, not four there are called water,earth wind(aka air), fire and spirit

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