What Is A White Witch?


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A White witch would essentially imply a good witch. These are qualifying terms which are used in the English language in order to make a distinction between helpful (or "good") witches refrain from using magic to cause harm to other people as opposed to normal witches.

The term could also be used in reference to fictional characters possessing such characteristics or even those who are actual practitioners of forms of folk magic (that is, cunning folk or witch doctors). There are also individuals who accept money in exchange for removing alleged effects of witchcraft.

Some of the many characters who are referred to as "White Witches" would include Jadis, the White Witch who is the chief villain in the Chronicles of Narnia series book titled 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', by C. S. Lewis.
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In greek mythology a white witch is someone who uses witchcraft to combat evil and help the hero win.

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