Am I A Witch?


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You may not be a witch, but you could have the ability of that of a physic.  You said you dream things and they come true.  You are drawn to certain things.  I wouldn't necessarily call it witchery, I would more likely use the term clairvoyant.  Hope this helps. Having a birth mark in the same place as a parent, is common.   Good-Luck
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Witches are just human. It is not a question you have to ask from other people.
There are many definitions for the word "witch". If you are referring to the witches in "the Charmed" or "Harry Potter" those are just great fiction.
Witchcraft is a Religion, A Lifestyle, A Craft, and a Culture.
If you are seeking super powers, because you think that it is simply cool, Witchcraft is not the solution for that. The passion for the craft should come from within your heart, mind and soul, not from the smell of your foot or the mole on your head...

Blessed Be
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I do the same thing but I doubt we're witches.
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Since you are male, You can be wizard rather than witch-lol!
Anyone can be wizard or witch, if they get that knowledge from an expert in field!
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I think your not a witch first of all your a boy right and even if you thought you were a witch you couldnt be one because be witches are called Wor lock
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Well it all depends on how you act if these r you then you r a witch 1. Always want 2 point finger 2. Wanting 2 read about witchs 3. You want 2 be a witch if you hav all of these you r a witch
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You might be a lot of things, but it sounds like you are confused about your lifestyle and are pawning your confusion off on a bunch of people that already get a bad rap. Leave them out of it and deal with your "real" problems. This is not something anyone would be confused about, that is witchcraft. Your orientation might be the root of your problems. I say this because I did not choose to be a warlock, it chose me. Other people will notice your gifts and point them out to you, if you are in fact a witch. So be yourself and everything will be as it should be.
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Well, Witches are females who worship Satan and practices "magic" so if you do any of these things then, yes, you are a witch, and if you do I suggest you stop go to the nearest Luthren church near you and ask how you can get into Heaven and what do you have to do to get there.
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Witches better known as pagens do not all practice dark majik you are being closed minded and i bet you did not know that all satenist belive in saten they use him for a simbol of power and if you do belive in god read the bible it says do not judje they naighber, and read about the passage about thanksgiveing and explane how they know about that so long ago before it actually came to be there are many things you don not know so dont judge because when you do it show how you are like the people
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Witches being evil and having a ton of warts is a stereotype, and if you're a boy, you'd be a wizard.
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I agree with Darkstar - there are no such thing as witches. However, you can practice the art of witchcraft if you so desire. There are better things to give your attention to however.
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anna krizia guerrero there a school where you can practice the art of witchcraft?really?where is that country?
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Witches are not real? That is an ironic idea as you are currently being addressed by a witch from 1864.
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I don't really know but that happens to me to. But to be a which you know how to do spells and I hope you ask some weres and vamps on this site. They can be a big help. :)
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Lets see, no youre not a witch because theres no such things as witches
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Just because you have a mole on your head would not make you a witch, even though moles and warts have been associated with witches. People who practice witchcraft don't necessarily have warts or moles, but i have one mole on my chin and a clear mole behind my ear! Moles are a natural fact of life, and if your worried about your feet, then see your doctor, but remember, people can have smelly feet, it all depends on hygiene..... Sorry i wrote this in comment, but the question was answered.....
FROM: Plutopia, if you have any other questions, just ask
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As i said before, it's ironic how you think witches are not real as you are being addressed by a witch from 1864.
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Witch is a term some Wiccans use for themselves. I have a friend who's a Witch. Is she nonexistent? No.
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There is no such thing as witches, it is called satanic expressions. So do not ever refer to your self as a witch. God made the earth and nature so it is great that you love those things. Try maybe reading the bible and praying to understand yourself. God made each one of us for a purpose and he understands you.
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Um, Witches aren't always evil. I have a friend who's a Witch, and she's one of the nicest persons I know. And, by the way, she doesn't worship Satan.
Some people don't believe in God, okay?
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Despite some ppl's closed mindedness, if you are truly feeling this way then you should explore the reasons why.  If you are having dreams that come true and other such phenomenon then look into getting some education in the psychic area's.

In some families, being a wiccan or "witch" is passed down from generation to generation (same as those that follow in their parent's religion shoes, shaman, priest, ect).  It might be a predisposition towards being more open to the greater things of life.

PS...All religions should be respected else you condemn that which you preach that God has created (ie Everyone and everything).  Also, the bible is not a cure all, it is within each of us to do the right thing and develop faith.  And calling someone a "nut" is neither helpful nor positive...

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