What Were The Names Of John The Baptist Disciples?


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The Gospels certainly DO say that John the Baptist had disciples and that he continued to have them even after he baptized Jesus (Matthew 9:14, 11;12). The Gospels don't record their names, but a whole sect continued in John the Baptist's name which rejected Jesus as the Messiah and which still has strands which exist today (Google Mandeans).
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Andrew & John (the Author of the Gospel of John & I,II, & III John, & revelation)
John 1:35-50 *Vrs. 41 Would rule out Simon Peter.  Vrs. 43-50 Rules out Phillip & Nathaniel.
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Andrew & Simon Peter were disciples of John the Baptist. They later became disciples of Christ.
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Just John the Baptism, without disciple.
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John the baptist lived in the wilderness until Jesus started his ministry and he proclaimed him God's Son and then he became Christ's follower. He didn't have disciples, only Jesus had disciples.

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