Do Married Capricorn Men Cheat?


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Any married man, regardless of star sign can cheat! Trust me, I've had my fair share of lying, cheating and sneaky husbands! But I can categorically say none of them were Capricorns. In fact, some of the defining characteristics of Capricorns are the wish for stability and comfort, not rash decision making or short lived affairs.

Do Capricorn men cheat?
  • Capricorns are known for their patient and careful nature. They do not relish rushing into any situation- especially a romantic encounter.
  • Capricorn is an introverted sign which means that Capricorn men are usually rather reserved. They do not actively seek human contact, and instead are better at being "listeners" rather than leaders.
  • They are confident, strong willed, responsible, calm and stable characters which makes them very committed in a long term relationship. They prefer to keep hold of the stability in their lives- in this case their marriage, rather than constantly looking for the next adrenaline rush.

Any married man has the potential to cheat on their wife if they wanted to, but for Capricorns it is especially unappealing, because they hold the stability that a long term relationship gives them very dear to their heart.
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I am wondering how different stars such as Capricorn, Virgo have anything to do with the cheating habit of men. Personally, I have found all Capricorn men very strong willed and committed. Really excited to see accounting homework help for ease on my assignment with the same topic.

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Unfortunately someones star sign can't tell you that. It depends on the character of that person.

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