Do Capricorn Men Like Younger Women?


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Maud La Roux answered
Sometimes! Capricorn men do not exclusively prefer their partner to be younger than them, but their strong, domineering and often "fatherly" outlook towards their lovers may mean they sometimes prefer them to be younger than themselves.

Do Capricorn men like younger women?
  • Capricorn men like women who are successful and feminine, regardless of their age.
  • They also prefer their partners to posses traits that compliment their own. Therefore they prefer their lovers to be a free spirit and energetic, which helps them bring out this side of themselves.
  • Capricorn men like security in their lives. They are practical, prudent, patient and careful and like their lover to be a stable and loyal influence on their lives. In this case it wouldn't matter how old the woman was as long as she provided her Capricorn man with his needs.
  • For the Capricorn man a relationship is a big step. He will need convincing that a woman is right for him before he makes any long term commitment. When they feel the time is right the Capricorn man will have no qualms about opening up emotionally to his partner.
To the Capricorn man a younger woman is an attractive prospect, but it is not their sole aim when looking for a partner. Instead, they place more importance on their lover's character and the long term prospects of their relationship together.
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I think most men like younger women, the problem is trying to get them to like you back.
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Yes, and they belong with capricorn women as well.

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