Do Capricorn Women Think About Other Men?


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Well, its natural for both men and women to think about other members of the opposite sex, even if they are in a long term and loving relationship. The difference between the natural process of thinking about something and acting on those thoughts is huge. Infidelity is not an attractive prospect for a Capricorn woman, who prides loyalty and security above all else.

Capricorn woman Capricorn's have a number of positive traits which are beneficial to any relationship...

  • They can be both ambitious and disciplined, which helps them focus on any task they wish.
  • They posses the capabilities to be both prudent and very practical.
  • Capricorn women are often patient and careful, and don't relish making rash decisions or taking risks.
  • They are usually very humorous and reserved, and some people may wrongly perceive their quietness as being miserable.
  • Capricorn women can sometimes be overly pessimistic and serious, which makes them a very stable star sign.
It is very unlikely that a Capricorn woman would cheat on their partner because some of their strongest traits are the ability to be very cautious and patient. They also love the stability a partner gives them and do not favour the rash decision making involved with having an affair and being unfaithful.

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