Why Do Some Capricorn Women Think Like Men?


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We're practical and ambitious. For me, I'd rather die than make a spectacle of myself by showing my emotions or seem needy. I don't see the point in wasting time talking about things that most girls talk about - to us its frivolous and unimportant. We're serious individuals who see right through the fluff and to the core of things. Its a waste of energy that's better spent toward something purposeful that moves us forward and towards our goals.

Sneaky Capricorn women?
  • I don't sweat the small stuff, it usually rolls right off my back. I most always work through a situation rather quickly with logic and am able to set aside my emotions to get through it.
  • I would much rather hang with the men than sit around with females.
  • As long as those men are going somewhere- because there's lots to learn. And there's much less drama, which is much more peaceful because dramatics drain our energy very easily. We don't make drama and usually won't be near anyone who does.

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