How Did Jesus Earthly Father Died?


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The Bible doesn't really say.  However, while Jesus was dying on the cross, he looked at Mary (his mother) and said "woman behold your son".  He was referring to John. Meaning that John would now take care of her. In those days if there was no husband, then the son or sons took responsibility for their mothers.  It would seem to me that Jesus's father was already dead.  Just a thought.  So maybe he wasn't so old after all.
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Actually when Jesus was dying on the cross and he looked at him mom, Mary, and said "woman behold your son" he was not referring to John, he was referring to Lazarus, if read carefully that passage you will see that ALL the disciples had FLED (fearful for their lives) and only one remained.... Lazarus who is the "disciple that Jesus loved"!
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We don't know, although he supposedly lived to about 112 years old, which seems unlikely for those days.
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Probably by old age.Its amazing how people lived long in those days, and those days were no so advance with medicine

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