Did Jesus ever refer to his father as Yahweh?


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I had to rely on the internet for an answer, so I have not bothered to vett this answer.

But after reading the link down to the following quote, I would bet it's accurate:

"The fact is that Jesus did not use the word YHWH for his
father. If he ever did, it is not found in the New Testament."


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I'm sure Jesus referred to his father as Joseph. But perhaps you mean refer to his God as Yahweh (all people of Judaism referred to their God as father, and they considered themselves as children of their God). However it is doubtful he ever pronounced it, as the way it was vocalized was lost by the time Jesus would have walked the Earth, and it was forbidden to say the name out loud as to avoid mispronouncing  it and sin.

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Darik Majoren
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So Yahweh was the first "voldemort"?
Perry Nuttal
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Jews use Adonai, Hasham, and G-d they do not use his name, which is odd because numerous times in the bible God tells people to pronounce his name throughout the nations. Zeph 3:9

you may be right Dark Majinn
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Since Yahweh is not and never was a name of God that would be unlikely. Out of respect the Jews abbreviated the name to four characters which, in English, would be YHWH and which we have again modified to Yahweh to make them more pronounceable. It is also the basis of the English word Jehovah.

YHWH is known as the tetragrammaton.

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Perry Nuttal
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But the God in the bible says he wants his name to be proclaimed throughout nations not minimalize it to a title or tetragrammation.
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Which just goes to show that even gods don't always get what they want. >;-)
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No, he never called him by his personal name in the bible he referred to him as Father or when talking to his followers he said my God and he taught us to pray at Matthew 6:9,10 to make his fathers name known

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