What Happened To Joseph, Jesus's Earthly Father?


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As there is no information on him in the new testament about his death, the exact time of his death and how he died will never be known. We can only assume that he past away during the two decades in between Jesus' childhood and commencement of his public ministry, as he is definitely not mentioned when Jesus was hanging on the cross.

The last event that mentions Joseph is the family's Passover visit to the Temple in Jerusalem when Jesus is around 12 years old.
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Answer to the original question....
I encourage you to read through the Scriptures yourself and trust your discernment. People can speculate all day as to what information was changed or destroyed, hidden, etc... However, if you believe that the Bible is the inspired and preserved written word of God, then you can know the account of the birth of Christ along with the faithfulness of His earthly parents is true. Keep pursuing God, He will continue to reveal Himself and the Truth to you!
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Joseph was last mentioned when jesus was lost in the temple.
So everyone thinks that he has died shortly after that by a cause
that we will never find out about untill we go to heaven if you belive in heaven.
Joseph was one of the main people in the old testement of the bible.
He was jesus's farther on earth and he cared about jesus.It would of been a sad time when he died and would of been private so no one else saw what happened.That is probbly why it has not been recorded.At that time joseph being a son of david would of made him quite popular so a lot of people would of been sad when he died.Not as sad as when jesus died on the cross on black Friday.
  I hope this helps you a lot.
  A freind.
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These are 2 different Joseph's. Joseph of Old Testament was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and had the gift of visions, freed by a captain of the guards. Joseph became 2nd commander over Egypt because of his visions and dreams to foresee famine etc. This is not Joseph of the New Testament who was part of the immaculate birth of Jesus as his earthly father as God found favor in him
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To add to the above, theologians tend to assume that one of the reasons Jesus delayed starting his public ministry until his thirties was that, being the eldest, he needed to help support the family financially after his father's death, until his younger brothers were old enough to carry on the business.

The genealogies in the gospels make it clear that Joseph, and Jesus, being the eldest son, were inheritors of the throne line of David. In other words, if a Davidic king had been on the throne of Israel, Joseph would have been king and Jesus after him. This is the meaning of the Jewish word "Messiah" or anointed one.

Therefore Jesus could not have been the actual "Messiah" until the death of his father. Jesus died without issue and all his brothers became Christians. Therefore there was no possibility of continuing the Davidic throne line by adoption or levirate marriage (the taking of the dead brother's wife by another brother and raising up of offspring on dead brother's behalf.) The Davidic throne line finished with Jesus. Since old testament prophecy states that David would never lack a descendant to occupy his throne until he comes whose right it is, if the expected Jewish Messiah is one person, Jesus is the only person he could be. This is the reason why Judaism has turned to the idea that "the Messiah" actually refers to the Jewish nation and the ministry it is supposed to exercise, under God, to the rest of the world.
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Can you name the source of what you're saying here? I can tell you that the idea of Jesus having brothers is a mistranslation of the word for "brother" in Aramaic, which also meant "cousin." If Jesus had brothers, he never would have asked one of his apostles to look after Mary after his death. That role would have been assumed by a brother.
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There was no single historical Jesus, and the one who was the son of Mary certainly did have at least one brother, known as James the Just. That Jesus was the issue of Mary's adultery with a Roman soldier called Pantheras, stationed in Nazareth at the time Joseph was away carpentering. . The Jesus who had disciples was a different person, and he was stoned to death by his own people on the eve of Passover, 'on the Cross' of Winter and Spring, the pagan symbol for the vernal equinox being a cross
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There is no mention of Joseph after him and Mary lost Jesus in the temple. From my reading, other them the Bible that joseph died. Making Mary  a widow. And Jesus said as much when he was on the cross. When he said to Mary that John is your son and then told John that this is your Mother. In those times widow returned to there parents or family.
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As far as I know Joseph is not mentioned in the bible after the temple incident.

Jesus said at one stage, Who are my sister, brethren and mother? Those who do the will of my Father in heaven.

Jesus also said, Not to call any man on earth our father, but that we have one Father who is in heaven.

Jesus was called God's son (as well as the carpenter's son by the locals) and in the old testament women thanked God for their children, not their husband.

From the above it appears to be irrelevant what happened to Joseph.
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God was the heavenly father of Jesus.
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I can say without fear of contradiction he lived for awhile and latter on died for more information see-the bible
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The fact of the matter is no-one actually knows, no-one can answer this question here. I am not being disrespectful and of course people are entitled to their opinions.  However I would not like to think that if one of my children came to me that I would bombard them with a multitude of answers to which I had no factual evidence or proof.
We as logical human beings have to take as evidence of the lives and times of such persons in history the stories that are written not by the hand of those that they were written about, and it has to be said not usually at the time of their existence either. Therefor however strong our beliefs our faith should we not as rational and logical beings consider this. If we love someone and have them in our heart, as many do Jesus and god, and as I do my children and husband. If he were to come to me one day and tell me that he had seen a blind man cured by a mere touch or someone part a sea or walk upon water would I believe him? Despite my complete and unconditional love and devotion to him I would doubt what he told me unless of course I was there to see it myself.
Therefor Joseph is part of a story about a man whom people love and believe in. However because as it has been proven in the answers given above that there are so many conflicting 'stories'  who am I or anyone else to say which is true and which is not.
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Maybe no one will ever know who the Real Father of------ ( Yahusha /Jesus ) was ? The early christian Church Destroyed & Burnt all Hebrew Records , To hide the Truth about Jesus & His Family& Created a Myth -- He Was... A Prince.  His Mother Miriam was the Princess she was a Great Granddaughter of King Herod Her Sister was also a Princess named Herodias .some Historical  Records have been Found .that were Hidden by Early Monks of the Coptic Church,Proving that the Roman Catholic Church , Created False Imformation about Jesus & HIS Life. But little by little the truth is leaking out !=====And the truth will set you Free ------.The Virgin Mary was no Virgin when she Gave Birth to-----.    Yahusha -- Jesus.  There is so much more to the Story of Jesus & his Royalty then any Bible Scripture or any Christian Church will tell anyone.JESUS was From they Royaly House of Herod through his Mother.Jewish &  Bible & Records prove Jesus was Born out of Wedlock.   Paul, Matthews

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