Is It Difficult To Be A Muslim In A Non-Muslim Country?


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It is not nearly as hard as it is to be a non-Muslim in a Muslim country
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Not difficult at all. I live in the UK and am a revert to Islam. I have never found there to be any issue at all. As a Muslim woman I have been to many Muslim countries and for the person who said its easier I don't agree. It is much more easier to be a Muslim woman in a Muslim country......
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I suffer religious discrimination at work. I wear hijab. But together with my trade union we have a strong case in order to sue the company. I feel very vunerable wearing hijab, like everyone has it in for me, but I just get on with it.
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As a student in high school facing racism and prejudice from the other students, it is very difficult.  People don't even consider talking to you when you are wearing Hijab and are religious.  I have tried so hard to make friends with non-muslim people at my school but it is getting harder day by day.  I don't mind the people, I know that being a muslim has it's advantages and this-advantages and I will be patient, but I never knew people to be so mean and racist.
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I would say that it's more difficult in certain areas of the US, and is more of a discriminatory practice than anything. Automatically biased due to 9-11, but its more likely to be dismissed if not in islamic attire.
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It certainly isn't for me.
Mostly becouse there are many other fellow muslim brothers and sisters who live also in a non- muslim country. Other people now understand that there are many kinds of people in the world ( or country) and you can't disturb them in their lives.

It might happen in schools with children, they might think that those people don't belong there and try to bully those children but the teachers and parents will know that it is wrong to insult some one on there religion, colour or background.
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I'm an American Muslim and I can honestly say that it's a pleasure/blessing and a struggle to be a Muslim living in a predominantly non-Muslim country. The challenge is that you may encounter a lot of ignorant non-Muslims who hate Islam and Muslims. It gets tiresome at times trying to explain to people that Islam is a peaceful religion and that we Muslims are just normal citizens of this country living our lives. 

The blessing is that we have much to be grateful for. There are Muslims around the world who are in far worse conditions. (Ex: Palestinains who are being killed by Zionists on a daily basis, etc.) Even though we may face discrimination and prejudices sometimes, it's not sanctioned by the law. The great part is, there are also plenty of good non-Muslims who are open-minded. And as a Muslim living in a mostly non-Muslim country, you know you're playing a huge part in teaching people - though your actions - that we are normal and peaceful people. 

Otherwise, if no Muslims lived in non-Muslim countries, the only source of info non-Muslims would have about Islam is the inaccurate portrayal of Muslims through mainstream media.

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I don't think it would be hard, However different views exist, the hardness can be found a little, As small minded people are everywhere. Personally, I don't judge someone by their religion beliefs & I'm seeing a lot of people around me in the same treat. I have several Muslim friends & I respect their wishes & they respect mine.

I highly wish my words don't offend anyone as I said I'm truly respectful to anyone by any religion belief

But you can't be in non-Muslim country & fully live like you living in a muslim country, If you get what I mean!  When you are somewhere with a different culture you have try to match little bit with your environment or fingers will be pointed at you. And "Some" Muslims not doing that either but they try to invite others to what they believe, That's rude. I witnessed right here beside me, Someone didn't shake hands with me & group of friends, cause we drank wine, That's rude, So not also everything would be those "Small minded" people. But also "The person itself" & their "behaves".

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No it is no hard thing it absolutely is no hard all we have to do is follow our religion and that is it .have faith in god and every thing turns out to be fine text
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Islam is a universal religion. It is not confined to a geographical can be practised anywhere at any time. It is a devine guidance to whole humanity.
No who told uin all over world you can find lot of muslims peopleand if belive in islam so it doesnt matter in which country you r and what will you get problems and difficulties...only remember kalma e shahadat
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A solution to this in a an authentic manner.
One of the basic belief for us is to believe in Allah and in the day of judgement
The main thing is your trust in Allah, being a sincere follower. You must carry dawaa.and follow your religion as an example for others to follow. You can see the story of our beloved Prophet in Makkah. Surely if we don't follow him, there is no Islam. I can imagine the situation of our brothers and sisters but not its intensity. A true Muslim will never lose faith in Allah and take interest in worldly matters.
Our beloved Prophet said:
"Whoever loves the world should damage his Hereafter and whoever loves his hereafter shall damage his world.
And also:
"The world is a believer's prison and the unbeliever's paradise"
So never lose faith in the Judge of the hereafter and inshallah there is a great promise.
Also if you can't find any solution, then migrate in the way of Allah, like the Prophet and his followers did, even though leaving all their property.
Also my hope and belief increased a lot when I read Allah's book and Sahih Hadis.
They are available ranging in book form, PC software and mobile application. Surely these will help you in all your private problems.
If the non-believer oppose anything, there is much absurdity in their religion and mashallah none in ours. Please be sure to prove, inshallah you will be rewarded. There is much available in the internet.
Hope this helps and answers other similar questions. If any defect, please mention.
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I don't think so, because many Muslims live all across the world and I don't think they have Manny problems. Maybe if someone is prejudice against them, it could be a little problem but still, I don't think it's really hard to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country. They can still worship they're God or whatever wherever they are in the world.
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Yes it is a little but thats only because some people are a little prejudice toward muslims because their jealous but if your following modern islam it won't be to hard
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It is extremely difficult as you are not the same as everyone else you feel sinmgled out
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I'm 16 and a bengali Muslim..I think its pretty I read I noticed that people get treated my case I'm very popular in all my schools; however,  the only hard part is not being able to participate in much. Like we can't Just go to any restaurant and eat anything..our food needs to be halal. So wen I visit my non-muslim friends house its kind of awkward wen eating meals..we can't play many sports because of the outfits...we can't wear bathing suits(especially in front of parents)

the worst part is not being able to have a boyfriend!!!  Its horrible..I don't have other muslim friends at school..there are none. But its hard being around all the temptations..well I'm the one who wants a boyfriend so I blame myself for not being completely muslim.but I also have strict parents....

Even if I have a secret boyfriend I can't do much without my parents finding out..I'm trying to get better at that.

So over all it is difficult being a muslim in a non-muslim country..but I have always been in America..I was born in NY for crying out loud.
But I don't know what a muslim country even is...
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Please kindly use my quotaions if you are a believer. I pity on students who do stuff like these which she restricts herself from, yet they are Muslims. Well, atleast only Allah knows who is really a believer.

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