What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For 1983?


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The year 1983 is represented by two animals of the Chinese zodiac. These are the the dog and the pig.

What sign of the Chinese sign represents the year 1983?
  • The dog: January 25th, 1982 - February 12th, 1983.
  • The pig: February 13th, 1983 - February 1st, 1984.
The western zodiac allocates a star sign to approximately one month per year, whereas the Chinese zodiac has signs for years, months, days and even hours. Also, whereas the western zodiac is based around star constellations, the Chinese zodiac is not.

The Chinese zodiac is represented by twelve animals, which are:

  • The rat (yang).
  • The ox (yin).
  • The tiger (yang).
  • The rabbit (yin).
  • The dragon (yang).
  • The snake (yin).
  • The horse (yang).
  • The goat (yin).
  • The monkey (yang).
  • The rooster (yin).
  • The dog (yang).
  • The pig (yin).

The Chinese zodiac relates the years of the animals to a twelve-year-long mathematical cycle, in an attempt to predict the future of a person's life.

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