Can You Be Baptized With The Holy Spirit Without Speaking In Tongues?


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Yes you can be baptized and the tongues speaking is a gift from the lord. Some get to speak in tongues some don't.
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The holy spirit is in each of us, it is all in how you portray yourself that is the proof you can be a negative or positive force in life and it shows the world how much the holy spirit means to you..if you portray your life in the way God request us all to do no one can be a better represenative of the holy spirit and we all fall down but you get back up again and continue to do his will...the best to you
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I don't think you have to speak in tongue to show that you believe, the way you live your life says it all.....
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You can be baptized in water according to Acts 2:38. Some Church's preach you are filled with the Holy Spirit when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Other Church's preach and teach you will not be filled with the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost until you speak in tongues as the evidence in Acts 2:38 and 2:39. King James version of the Bible. You will know when you are filled with the Holy Spirit. You cannot receive anything you do not want or wish to possess. We grow, learn and receive as we desire until the Lord calls us home or returns for us according to the Bible. If your question is in earnest then you desire, you ask for and you seek to receive that which you ask for. May God give you the understanding of this question. This is never a controversy, it is an experience you must desire to receive. It is a gift from the Lord.
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Absolutely. Speaking in tongues is a wonderful and powerful gift of the Spirit, but some Christians may never experience this, or publicly or evangelically manifest this gift, perhaps only in the solitude of their prayer closet. There are many gifts of the Spirit, some active, some seemingly unnoticed. Maybe someone has been bestowed the gift of prayer, the gift of empathy or understanding, the gift of healing, or the gift of wisdom and wise counsel.

I Corinthians 12:27-28 teaches us that we are the body of Christ, and each of us is a part of it. In the church, God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracle workers, then healers, those able to help others, governors (or administrators),
diversity of tongues. Then in vs.29-31 we're asked "Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all miracle workers? Are all healers? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret?

I will not debate the validity of this gift, but too many charismatic churches place too much emphasis on Tongues, some even claim that if you haven't had this experience that you've never received the Holy Spirit. There is no truth to that at all. Of all the gifts demonstrated in the Bible, when it manifested in public, it was always for the benefit of someone of a different language to hear and to be understood; in Paul's letter to the church in Corinth he declares that he "would rather speak five intelligible words to instruct others than ten thousand words in a tongue. And of the gifts, Jesus himself was not documented as utilizing this gift.

Prayerfully seek out that gift which God has best for you in His will.
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Yes, You can be baptized with the Holy Spirit without the evidence of speaking in tongues. There are many people as well as churches that would argue that point. But to say that the only way that you can be baptized with the Holy Spirit is to speak in tongues is not scriptural. Speaking in tongues is only one of the gifts of the spirit, but it is not the only one.

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