Can You Make Your Own Ouija Board And Will It Work?


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Yes you can make your own ouija board.  Its really easy. Get a smooth surface.  We used a cookie sheet.  Pour cooking oil on it.  (now you know why we used the cookie sheet). Then, realize that you should have written the letters on it first.

Write the alphabet on it in biggish letters, write yes in one corner and no in another.  It does not matter which corner.

Then get a glass and turn it upside down.  Make sure that it will slide smoothly around.  Then get a friend, and start to ask questions.

The only problem is deciding which letter it is trying to go on, because the mouth of the glass is probably going to be bigger than your letters, unless you wrote them big.

We played with it for a long while and had fun.  The cooking oil stayed mostly on the cookie sheet.  It was a new cookie sheet and was smooth.

You could probably do it on a glass table, but your mom would probably get pissed if you poured oil on it.

You just have to make sure that whatever you use that you clean up the mess later, and that it won't matter if you write the alphabet on it with permanent marker.

We cleaned the permanent marker off of the cookie sheet with nail polish remover.

That is one very cheap way to make a home made ouija board.  We had a great time.

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