What Happens If You Were To Rip Up A Cardboard Ouija Board?


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Well if the last time you played with the ouija board you conjured up any type of negitive entity OR didnt bring the cursor back to the word GOODBYE when you where done playing with it then you could be in trouble. 1st off ripping up the ouija board will not get rid of a negitive entity if one was conjured out. Sometimes it only makes it worse. So if thats y you ripped it up your S.O.L. If you didnt bring the cursor back to GOODBYE and you DID NOT bring in a negitive entity then watever entity you did ask to play with you and that board is not gone. But other than all that ripping it up will not hurt you or anybody else
ANITA KAT answered
Nothing would happen.any ouija board that gets destroyed-nothing will happen.it's just a rumor that bad things will happen to people.I threw mine away because my dog chewed it up-nothing happened to me,or my dog.
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if you rip an cardbord ouija bord then it mighnt tell you the sighnes when you take each riped card and look at it then it mighnt tell you something or even tell you something inportant or tell you something evel or mighnt pesses you so DONT RIP ONE UP

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