What Does Three Doves In A Dream Mean?


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I had a very vivid dream about 3 doves when I was about 15, I now believe (20 years later) it represented the holy trinity.
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I believe so too. As I went outside to pray, and I thought of how amasing God's love for us is...I thought of how I've cursed him, yelled at him, even flipped him poff in my anger and rage...and the sins I've comitted that defile him to watch. I told him about this...and that I don't understand why he still loves me. I shifted my gaze from the south-eastern sky to the north-eastern sky and just then I noticed three doves perched above the telephone wire directly abouve my our fence. They just sat there without even fluttering...looking at me. I began to she tears and fell on my face begging our father in heaven for forgiveness and just as I asked "Father YHWH please forgive me!" They made noise in unison and took flight.

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