What Does Vomiting Worms In A Dream Mean?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
There are several ways you could interpret a dream about vomiting worms:

  • As a purging or cleansing of negative thoughts - Worms are frequently associated with dirt and mud and rotting things. To vomit them could symbolize a purging of toxic thoughts or negative emotions.
  • As a sense of unease or sickness - Worms are known for wriggling and writhing - so having them come up from your stomach could suggest a certain degree of restlessness or unease. It could be the opposite of getting butterflies in your stomach - instead of a nervous excitement, it could be an anxious, sick feeling. Are you stressed about an upcoming test at school? Something as simple as that could explain your dream.
  • As a manifestation of a dislike for worms - Neither worms nor vomit are particularly pleasant things, so I can't imagine anybody enjoying such a dream. There might not be any deep meaning behind your dream at all, so don't worry too much! Hopefully, you won't have to experience the dream again.

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