I Would Like To Know How To Get Rid Of A Curse That Was Put On Me And My Lover By His Ex?


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You have not mentioned the kind of curse that she put on you people. But I think the best way to fight any curse is to stop dreading it. Keep faith in God because no one can harm you if He is with you.
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I have been cursed by a friend who do not want me to be happy with my man named donald mathews they tell him nothing but lies on me and he reall ybelieves every thing that they say,can you stop this person from  spreading lies
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First of all you need to stop believing in this so called curse....
Curses are pure evil.... And stems from things like witchcraft...
Again... STOP BELIEVING... Clear your mind of all doubts, light a
candle and saying a pray wouldn't hurt....

Remember God is stronger then all the words in the world....

Move on...Good Luck and Keep the Faith....

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