Is there such a thing as a false religion?


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Scientology !

From Google :

  1. A religious system based on the seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment through graded courses of study and training. It was founded by American science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard (1911–86) in 1955.

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Religion is history's most successful service industry. It offers hope of "life everlasting" where believers may walk side-by-side with their Creator, be reunited with their loved ones in Paradise, and live happily ever after. It is also history's most successful Ponzi scheme: Ante-up now; collect on the other side.

Within that framework most religions may be considered true, but some are aberrations or bare-faced scams. Scientology is perhaps the most blatant.

So what makes a religion true? It delivers value for the tithes and lifestyle commitment of its adherents.

Mainstream Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam,  and so on, can be considered true. Whether they preach an ultimate truth doesn't really matter. They are delivering things of value to their followers.

If I wanted to follow a religion I would choose one of the Nature religions.  Those are more natural, more spiritual, and far less hidebound than their bureaucratic brethren (and sisteren).
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Cookie Hill
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No it is not the Catholic church nor any church which are all part of Babylon and at Revelations 18:4 -10, we are encouraged to "Get out of her if we do not want to share in her sins."
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Ah, Cookie, what's wrong, lass? I tell you an amusing anecdote from a TV story and you put on your serious clothes and start quoting your grimoire at me. Lighten up a little.

The "whore of Babylon" is just an example of early Judaeo-Christian hatred of Iraqis. (Well, Mesopotamians in those days, I suppose.) Whores have always been much maligned by the self-righteous. They're fine women performing a public service. Under-appreciated. They don't deserve the scorn heaped on them by the God squad. Cookie, some of my best friends...
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I was about to ask which particular denomination you adhere to since you've condemned to rest of Christendom to hell-fire, but then I checked your answers and found you to be a Jay Dub.

We had a few Dubbers on Ask but one was particularly obnoxious and spammed the site daily with many "questions" all promoting her limited point of view. I do hope she doesn't find her way to Blurt It and start dong the same thing here. Hmm??
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Definetly Yes,the Bible helps us to recognize true worshiper. They respect the Bible as God's word.  They strive to live by it's principles. So true religion differs from  religion that is based on men's ideas. Matthew 15:7-9."It is in vain that they keep worshipping me,for they teach commands of men as doctrines." True worshippers do not preach one thing and practice another. Titus 1:16

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Ty Hibb
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Excellent comment and I appreciate your use of the bible. The bible is the last word on matters, unfortunately too many people exclude it from their life.
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There is a nun in the vatican city that will pray for you for $100. Dollars. This is a fact.

There is good and bad in all walks of life.

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