Is There Such A Thing As A Past Life?


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There is a such thing as past life, I'm still waiting to go back home. My family thinks I am a sleep with a sickness from a feverish dark plantation cruse... They know where I am, and they will wait till I can return...they will be blown away when they hear the stories I have to tell from this life~time... And they will feel blessed indeed... Yes there is a such thing as a past life...
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I believe dreams are small videos from our past life, who we know, who we saw our selves as, who we loved, who we knew, what we did, why, when, how, all those things.
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Yes I believe we have lived many lives, and I feel when we keep coming back we are trying to get to that place where we are Christ like in all we think, say and do. We have lessons to learn and we can not possibly learn them in one live time. Have you ever had a feeling so strong about doing something or saying something you could swear you have done it before, it's because you have and in a past life you may have chosen one way of doing it and in this one you may try to do the opposite and get a different out come.
You will know when it happens, because you have a strange feeling you can't explain and your heart races, there's always a sign if you pay attention.You have the option to try to understand what's going on and if you can be still in that moment you can see it and know what happened, so you can choose to experience it again or go about it differently this time, it's up to you. Keep in mind it is a lesson, so live it, learn it and grow.
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I have past lives so yes but some people might tell you no by their own beliefs because they don't want to admit the paranormal exists.
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I agree. Past lives go a long way in explaining phobias that people are born with, love at first sight, hate at first sight, an affinity for a certain locale (France) or a disdain for certain climates (I hate the cold) (I love the cold, hate the heat) etc. Feelings are the strongest triggers for a past life recall. Before going to bed, recall a certain strong love, or fear, then ask SPIRIT to show you the origin of that feeling. Sing HU for 5 minutes, helps too, as it is a Love Song to GOD and Spiritualizes the Consciousness. Good luck and Blessings.
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I believe there is.

I'm Pagan, so I believe that everyone is reincarnated, though. Souls will keep being reincarnated, over and over. The older a soul is, the more talented that person would be. When the soul finally reaches the end of this cycle, they go to the Summerland; a bit like Heaven, I guess. :)

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I'm glad to see more Souls believing in reincarnation. Not only pagens, but Mystics from many eastern and western paths. Most people go to Summerland when they die. It's sort of a Middle Astral Level and a nice place. The real goal, I come to know, is the SOUL PLANE. It's the Fifth Level of HEAVEN and the plane of PURE SPIRIT, beyond mind, gender, Light and Shadow. It's the True Home of SOUL, where we came from as Newborns, and where we will arrive when we reach SELF REALIZATION. Beyond the SOUL PLANE are many levels, eventually reaching GOD REALIZATION...the ultimate goal of every SOUL. I have found a good read is PAST LIVES, DREAMS AND SOUL TRAVEL by Harold Klemp. It gives techniques for reaching these goals and living life to the Enlightened fullest...BLESSINGS.
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I don't know. It's shifty business. I'm Christian, and I don't know what the Bible says about this. There was a little boy recently who claimed to remember his past life, and his parents believed him. So I don't know. Personally I love the show "angel beats."

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