My Sun Sign Is Leo And Moon Sign Is Libra. I Want To Know About My Love Life And My Career?


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The Leo sun sign and Libra moon sign is a very good combination and will have a great impact on the outcome of your life.

These signs should help you to understand and control the direction of your career and your romantic engagements.

Love life and career through sun and moon signs.
  • This combination makes for an honest, loyal and truthful person, who prefers to wisely plan out their choices in life rather than making rash decisions. This is a beneficial trait when you are deciding what direction your career should take.
  • With regard to love, you are not dependent on the love of another to make you happy, instead you can function perfectly well on your own.
  • However if a potential partner does come along then you will happily settle down, if they meet your essential requirements. You don't like restrictions, but cherish the stability and devotion that your partner gives you.
  • People whose sun sign is in Leo and moon sign is in Libra will generally be rational and objective in both their careers and their love lives. You can be emotional and expressive but these emotions do not rule your head!
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This is a great combination because both have a regal quality to them. You have elegance and pride and poise. You can be bold, but kind. This is a nice combination. You have a somewhat restrained, almost uppity way about you, but your outward kindness and generosity is obvious.

You are going to want someone to absolutely adore you, but you are quite adorable. You may have a hard time seeing the other side, and being a giving sweetheart. You love propriety and style and your lover will have to want that, understand it and appreciate it.

Public Relations and leadership are probably in your career. You are made to lead, but being young, you may find a hard time having the patience to let your career develop. Be patient. Keep going to class. Work hard, and concentrate and use your charming personality to help others instead of just "looking good".

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