Are A Leo Man And A Cancer Woman A Good Match?


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Quite possibly the best match in the entire Zodiac!

Leo man and Cancer woman
  • Leo is a real man; rugged, hard, firm, strong, generous, providing and fair.
  • Cancer is the ultimate woman: Curvaceous, nurturing, kind, protective and needing protection, yet very strong as well. Feminine beyond any other sign, she will adore her Leo man, for only he can truly make her feel safe in his arms and secure in every way.
  • Once Leo has found the ultimate woman in Cancer, he will never stray - because all his needs will be met: A perfect home, a sexy and dynamic wife, well-cared-for children who will know that both parents are to be respected.
  • Cancer will love Leo's powerful persona, and she will have found her ultimate match in the bedroom, given Leo's confident demeanor in the face of all threats. He makes a devoted mate.
The Sun and the Moon are quite opposite, yet they chase each other through the sky playfully and have the most influence on our planet.
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Yes. I am a male Leo who has met his lifetime match in a Cancer female.

This is a match made in heaven. At aged 47 I thought this kind of closeness only existed in films.
I have never been so happy in my life. In fact we are so compatible we are planning to get married.

So I say to those of these star signs, go for it! And I wish you luck!
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Yes, initially, but the Cancer woman is a homely person and she will want to keep him inside, get married and have children within the first month.

The Leo at first will enjoy the home comforts but then get bored and want to spread his wings and meet new people and new ladies. This will make Cancer very moody, possessive and insecure which then leads to arguments and lies.

So leave it alone.
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I think so. Leos are usually strong, confident types; and Cancer women love the security of a home life. They should go well together.

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