My Star Sign Is Virgo And My Husband's Is Libra. Do We Match?


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Luckily for you, Virgo and Libra certainly do match-up well! These are very compatible star signs.

Both of them are very adaptable, too - which also makes them a good match.

They are not stubborn signs and therefore do not have a problem compromising on some issues for the good of the relationship, which is an essential part of any long-term partnership.

My husband is a Libra, and my star sign is Virgo. Are we compatible?
  • The Virgo woman is a very selfless and caring person, who will always put the needs of her Libra man before her own. He will appreciate this from his lover, and will repay her in kind.
  • The Libra man is romantic and emotional - something which dosen't come naturally to Virgos. This is great for the relationship and she can learn by his example. He helps her to open herself up emotionally.
  • The earth element of Virgo makes her a devoted, loyal and stable partner. Fortunately for the Libra man, these are just the attributes he desires in a relationship. She can provide the partnership with security and stability.
  • The only problem these two could encounter would be in the bedroom. From my experience of Libra men, they are far from natural love-makers - unlike Taureans! If you're looking for more bang for your buck, then I'd advise you to see a Taurus man.
Yes, these two are very compatible, and you should expect to enjoy a long fulfilling marriage with your Libra man!

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