Is God A Hypocrite?


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So you are questioning the "Christian" god correct. How do you know we are not all retarded? Who defines the normal from the retarded? Is retarded even politically correct? LOL I'm just bustin ur balls dude! This is actually very comical!
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Ember  Lynn
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Hmm buddha is not considered a god I guess you learn things new everyday...not like it matters. I've grown up with christianity and I'm still trying to figure that religion out.
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You totally beat me to the punch line. You know how they say we only use ten percent of our brains? Maybe Adam and Eve were super geniuses, using all 100% and like, were telepathic or something. Yeah...
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Yeh, we admire u by what u replied to the question thanx a million
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OK, I'll try:

According to most Judaeo-Christian beliefs, before the fall of man, the human's body was immortal, and God blessed them and told them to multiply, but the corruption of sin affected not only communion with God, but also resulted in our bodies' becoming subject to death and disease.

Due to the limited number of people, marriage between close relatives was necessary, and the human genetic code was not yet extensively corrupted, and there was little risk of genetic abnormalities in their children. After the population increased to the point that we no longer needed to intermarry among relatives, it became apparent that children of closely related parents experienced increased chances of developing recessive diseases.
It wasn't until Leviticus 18 that God commanded against intermarrying and inbreeding. In the Law, there were also instructions concerning hygiene and storing and preparing foods. Except for salt additives (and lack of refrigeration), preserving meats, especially pork, was unhealthy; and these teachings were handed down incorporating God's instructions into a way of life (there wasn't much formal schooling, especially on the trek through the wilderness). There is nothing inherently 'evil' about marrying a close relative, but it is genetically unsafe.

Most genetic diseases are recessive, so only those inheriting two disease alleles develop the disease. All of us carry several single alleles, and close relatives have more genes in common than those unrelated, there is the increased chance that they have the same disease alleles resulting in acquiring such diseases (as with inbreeding coefficients increasing): Where all couples may have a background risk of 3% to 4%, the risk associated with 1st cousins mating adds another approximate 3%, and so on.

Most nations and societies have strict laws against inbreeding and incest, yet most laws consider 2nd cousins as sufficiently separate to allow marriage. The Bible reaffirms God's will in Romans 13:1-6, admonishing us to submit to governing authorities, for none exist but those established by God.
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God is not a hypocrite.
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Who says god looks down on it? I believe that it is the religions
of god that look down on it. I can't recall of course i have
never read the bible, but does god say anything for looking down on sex
himself. I mean you are right without sex we would have no human
species. As for the mental illness in inbred people it was
progression and evolution that brought on the disease of mental
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Brock Samson
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" was progression and evolution that brought on the disease of mental

Wait... WHAT? This makes no sense. In respect to the terms laid out in this topic, mental defect via inbreeding is due to the homozygosity of recessive alleles in the human genome. It has NOTHING to do with "progression" (whatever that is supposed to mean) and/or evolution.
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God is a great man. He is definitely not a hypocrite.
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The obvious answer is that the Adam & Eve genesis story is complete bunk. Also, inbreeding on a large scale promotes not only mental defects, but major physical defects as well. A better question is how did humanity go from TWO to 6.8 BILLION people, and have them spread out over the entire globe in only ~6000 years?
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If you want to see a hypocrite gust look in the mirror! That was a very offensive Question!
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Ember  Lynn
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How am I a hypocrite for asking a question? I believe if god really looked down on humanities curiosity then he wouldn't have designed us to be curious creatures. If you get offended it only means you have insecurities in your own beliefs. I suggest you look deep with in a mirror and ponder that for awhile.
Glen Thornbury
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You said indirectly YOU are better than GOD and smarter too!
I'm a RANGER in FLORIDA, if you want the address! For he brought me home from Nam while yellow stuff came fom you!
Ember  Lynn
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I never even said I wanted to come beat you up. So no I dont' want your address crazy. And how did i inderectly say I was better and smarter? See this is whats wrong with the world. People like you. I ask a question to honestly try and figure these things out and you immediatly threaten violence on me and accuse me of these ludicrous things! And I could give a crap less even if you were the ultimate soldier because baby no one's bullet proof so could sit on it.
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God is not a hypocrite. The story as written in the bible is incomplete and translated by man so many times that alot of it is out of context.
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He looks down at it now because back they had to because they were the first ones here. But now the world's population is 6 billion. So god's not a hypocrite. 
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That has been a question asked for more than your 22 yrs. ! Yes, I believe that Adam and Eve's children had sex to populate the Earth. Then the cousins did and so on and so on. But that is only my opinion. It was "O.K" because they really didn't have a choice. ( again, my guess ) However - as for as the retarded part goes, Having children with your sibling does not automatically mean you will have a retarded child. Mental and physical deformities with a baby born from siblings are because there are only one gene pool to make a child. Example = If you and your brother have parents that have Diabetes, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure,and Mental problems, then it's a sure bet that you and your brother are going to have at least one, maybe more of the above diseases'. If you and your brother now have a baby - that baby is getting a multiple x 4 , (You, Your brother, your mom and your dad) chance of having ALL of those diseases'. But If you have a baby with some other man that only has - oh, let's say, high Cholesterol, then your baby's gene's are being moved alittle farther away from the gene pool with the diseases' from your parents. If you have a baby with Anyone that has Mental retardation on their side, you have a chance of having a retarded child also. Any and All diseases' are carried in our genes and can be passed down to our children, grand-children, great grand-children, etc.
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Well, apparently you *are* retarded, so I guess you have your answer right there. If you believe in God, which would mean you are retarded. Or did you mean the Church's interpretation of sex? Like, if us priests can't have sex, then obviously we're not going to be happy about anyone else having any fun. Since when did the Christian Church have anything to do with God, you retard? Ah, OK, getting into kind of an Appalachian circular argument here......
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Monica Smith
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Wow not only a rude person but it also appears a sexist! We won't hold your senility against you. Hell, you probably won't remember any of this tomorrow either. You are entitled to your own opinion, and I respect what people have to say, but there are ways to go about it. I honestly think you misunderstood the question, or you have just taken it way out of context.
Ember  Lynn
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What what are you talking about! Not once up there did I say I believe this and I want to understand about my god...I was asking in general yes I didn't say other people's gods but I didn't realize we had a bunch of fricken retards on here. Is your life really that sad that you must get on here and argue and insult people. Next time for people that are simple like you I will specify. It's a shame that someone can live so long and still be so oblivious.
Stewart Pinkerton
More idiocy - don't you realise that when you say 'why does God look down on it now', it's not 'God' who's saying that, it's repressed clowns like Paul and the 'Christian' Church?

By the way, is you actually believe all that Adam/Eve claptrap, note that after Cain murdered Abel, he went off to live in the land of Nod and raised a family. Well, with whom was he mating? His mother? Chimpanzees? Coz according to the Jewish folk tales, there wasn't anyone else. Sheesh, grow a brain!
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Completely. And a cruel one. If women were only ever supposed to have sex with men, He would have designed the penis to look a little more like the Rabbit.

And I ain't talking about Thumper (well... Not that Thumper at least).
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He is not a hypocrite he makes everyone unique and even if some people are retarded they are still people and have their good parts

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